Cosmopolitan Magazine Customer Reviews

Cosmopolitan Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 12-01-2023

Browse our customers' reviews to see why it's one of our customers' favorite magazines - complete with a 4-star rating!

Cosmopolitan - Digital

Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine

Created with fun fearless females in mind, Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle magazine for old and young women alike. What more could we want with a gorgeous layout, stunning photographs, deliciously fun quizzes, and interesting articles?

Fashion, Beauty, and Life
No one knows fashion and style like the ultimate fashion magazine: Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine. Learn how to get the most out of your skincare products, simplify your makeup routine, and pull off the newest hair trends. Discover the latest trends in fashion, what's hot and what's not, and how to perfectly capture the style theme of the season.

Loving my magazine
"Love the articles, fashions, makeup ideas, horoscope, and more. It's definitely a magazine that keeps me up to date, especially fashion wise." -Ajai

Best Ever!
"Best up-to-date information for all your beauty items, needs, and must-haves to all of your fashion needs, and fashion trends." -GG

Awesome magazine!
"I love Cosmo! It always has something useful whether it's related to beauty, health or just hilarious stories. I enjoy getting my subscription every month!" -Jenna

Cosmo through the generations - for all ages!
Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine has entertained its readers for a long time (136 years to be exact!). You may have heard your parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents mention the name "Cosmo," and it's no wonder why! The times may have changed, but the dedication, determination, and mission behind this women's magazine haven't. Discover how to stay and feel young with Cosmopolitan! You're never too late to make your mark - start today with help from Cosmo!

The Must-Have Magazine For All Women
"I Have Been Reading Cosmopolitan For Many Years Now, I Love Fashion, And Beauty Ideas. I am 61 Years young, and This Magazine For Me Is A Women Best Friend…" -Anonymous

"A magazine for the young and old that think life is important." -Mary

"This magazine is great for late teenagers and above. The make-up tips, fashion, and hair tricks and tips are fun and inspiring!" -Courtney

Fashion at its best.
"My daughter and I enjoy reading and looking through Cosmopolitan to keep us up to date on fashion, beauty, and even current events." -Anonymous

Modern Lives Call for Modern Tips
Your health, happiness, and peace of mind are essential. Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine touches on everything necessary in a woman's life: from work and careers to relationships and personal goals to health and fitness. Conquer your life goals, work on your career/home balance, and get deep in the important conversations in #RealTalk.

"Love this magazine, always has something interesting to read." -Anonymous

Can't like it enough!!
"Awesome articles that keep me up to date on all the latest and most hip trends!" -Shawn

Fabulous Magazine!
"I truly enjoy all the hot topics about relationships, sex tips, personal beauty, and I am overall very satisfied." -Kim

As advertised -
"It is everything you need in a modern magazine." -Anonymous

Relax, have fun, and enjoy your Cosmo from front to back!
When reading Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine, it's easy to forget the world around you. In addition to fashion and entertainment, each issue also features fun pieces like quizzes, horoscopes, celeb interviews, and reader-submitted embarrassing stories. Learn how to measure star sign compatibility, which Friends TV Show couple you and your partner most resemble, and laugh along with fellow readers with their tales of failures and successes.

Stress Relief
"Cosmopolitan is a great magazine for entertainment, education, and stress relief. It is so relaxing to read about your interests, your body, and possibilities in your future." -Anonymous

"I love Cosmopolitan! It is so funny and relative. I love sitting down and drinking my coffee while reading Cosmo." - Stew

"I enjoy reading Cosmo from the beginning to the end. There is something in there for all ages and income levels. I have been reading the magazine for a long time." -Anonymous

Monthly fun express to you!
Purchase a Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription today and receive each issue in the mail without needing to go to the store!

Cosmopolitan Subscriptions
"I love receiving my Cosmopolitan magazine every month in the mail! It's nice that I don't have to go to Target to purchase every month, it just comes to me!" -Mai

Cosmopolitan - Digital

Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine

Can't get enough? Read on the go with the Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine edition: purchase a 1-year subscription to the ultimate magazine for modern women!

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