Highlights Magazine Customer Reviews

Highlights Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 07-15-2022

Highlights Magazine is an excellent resource for kids ages 6-12, developed by childhood and educational experts. Our customers give Highlights a 4.9-star rating. Subscribe to Highlights here!

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Highlights Magazine

Fun with a Purpose®
Educational content is important for growing minds, but keeping their attention on it can be challenging. The childhood experts at Highlights have mastered this challenge: by keeping kids motivated with fun!

Each Highlights issue covers various topics like nature, science, animals, society, and more!

As they learn about respect, manners, and kindness from Goofus and Gallant on one page, they'll puzzle through riddles and jokes on another. From learning essential skills in exciting science experiments to learning about Columbus in short stories, exploring different scenes in Hidden Pictures, to developing hand skills in crafts and projects, each issue of Highlights brings bounds of knowledge and fun.

"For A Highlight To Your Day Get Highlights Magazine !"
"My young grandson is a busy little guy and while that works for a portion of the day, he really was in need of some fun "down time" activity. He loves getting Highlights with some "cool" project to put together. He watches for the mail to arrive, in his name, and races in ready to get started ! It's a hit ! Thank you." - Karen W.

"Highlights Magazine"
"Great information across the spectrum with articles in literature, science, math, and art." - Jenn's M.

Education for Generations!
Since 1946, Highlights Magazine has inspired, educated, and delighted 6- to 12-year-olds. If you had a Highlights subscription when you were young, you know how fun each issue was. Though the times have changed, the joy that Highlights brings hasn't!

"This magazine goes to one of my great-granddaughters & according to her mom, she loves it ! Thanks!!"
"My own 3 daughters grew up with Highlights…….need I say more??"- Sarah

"I grew up with this magazine and loved it as a child. Now, I get to watch my daughter enjoy the magazine for herself. Compared to some other children's magazines, it may be a bit pricer, but it's worth it. The content is wonderful! My daughter loves reading about Goofus and Gallant, The Timbertoes, doing the hidden pictures, and learning the jokes and riddles." - Anonymous

"Terrific magazine for children - of all ages!"
"Highlights magazine truly is well named. It absolutely is a highlight of the day for my grandchildren when they realize another one has come in the mail. We enjoy watching the enthusiasm on their faces and it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. I can remember looking forward to going to the dentist office so I could read the Highlights magazine while waiting for my appointment!! Imagine looking forward to going to the dentist! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for so many years!" - Diane

Makes Highlights kids feel special!

"A great gift that keeps on giving"
"By giving a monthly magazine to a child spreads joy throughout the year. They always want to know if they got any mail today." - Dave W.

"Great gift -"
"We gave these subscriptions to our grandchildren who live out of state. They were thrilled when they arrived and thoroughly enjoyed reading them and sharing them with each other. And, they were absolutely astonished to learn that they were going to get a new issue every month!" - Anonymous

Highlights for Children of All Ages!

"Great magazine"
"Our family loves Highlights! Highlights is a great learning and fun magazine for all ages, we plan to be a part of Highlights for years to come." - JenJen

Preschoolers love Highlights High Five! Created for ages 2-6, this magazine inspires curiosity with age-appropriate puzzles, read-along stories, and more! Subscribe today! Browse what our customers are saying here.

Your youngest ones will enjoy Highlights Hello Magazine. Designed with children ages 0-2 in mind, this kids magazine features durable, wipe-clean pages and stitched binding. See why other parents are subscribing - and why you should too!

Is your child learning Spanish? Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5, Highlights High Five Bilingue features short stories in Spanish and English, aiming to enhance understanding and build language proficiency. Read customer reviews here!


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