National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription Reviews

National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription Reviews

Updated 08-26-2022

National Geographic Kids Magazine is one of the best magazines for kids interested in nature and animals, with a 4.7-star rating! Created for children six years and up, this high-quality publication features exploration, animal facts, history lessons, and so much more!

Keep reading and discover why over 95% of our customers recommend Nat Geo Kids!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids Magazine

Spark their mind and interest
Children retain information more efficiently when they're having fun. National Geographic Kids Magazine keeps this in mind, encouraging learning through play. Watch their faces light up with excitement with each new game, quiz, and animal story. Each issue is a perfect addition to a child's regular curriculum. Our customers love the fun facts so much that they will read them repeatedly until they remember every word! Subscribe today and share the joy of learning with your little one!

"Great choice!"
"As a homeschooling family, we really enjoy Nat Geo Kids!! So many great pictures and fun facts!" - by TripleJsMom.

"Great magazine"
"I ordered this magazine for all of my grandchildren, they love it Ordered National Geographic for little kids, for the 3 yr old. Not sure if It's a coincidence, but one of them won his schools Geography Bee." - by Irene.

"Read quality magazines to your child!"
"Chase loves to look at his magazine on car rides, after they have been read aloud to him. He tries to read some of the text on his own then." - by Nana.

Get to know the world in a kid-friendly environment!
Nat Geo Kids introduces children to the wonders of our natural world, keeping content age-appropriate, fun, and captivating. From learning about conserving national parks to meeting new amazing animals or learning about current events in different countries, each issue takes young readers on the trip of a lifetime!

"Children learn about other cultures and countries"
"Always an interesting magazine. My grandchildren look forward to reading every issue." - by Jo.

"Excellent, informative material that gives kids real knowledge about the real world." - by Anonymous.

"Helping kids explore geographic heritage"
"Easy to follow articles, great visuals, filled with fun facts." - by Anonymous.

"Good exposure to rest of world"
"As a retired teacher, I remember how uneducated my students were about basic geography. I wanted to start my granddaughter on her life-long learning path early." - by Lezlie.

NGK encourages them to share their knowledge!
With new knowledge comes excitement, and kids love to share their excitement! Watch your children or grandchildren thrive and teach other kids what they've learned! Whether they share "Weird But True" facts or raise their hand in Social Studies class with correct answers, readers will take pride and joy in their intelligence. Purchase a subscription today and watch their understanding grow!

"Kids: Pick Up Your National Geographic and Impress Your Friends With Fun Facts Today!"
"National Geographic has been an outstanding magazine forever So when my grandson came along I knew this would be a really fun way to get him interested in reading and spend less time playing video games! It worked. He looks forward to Its arrival in the mailbox sent to HIM. He loves it and really does remember what he's read and then shares what he's learned with everyone! Thank you!" - by Karen W.

"Grandson loves it."
"Waits eagerly for mail when mag is due. Reads it from cover to cover and when I visit he always shares his favorite stories. This mag has not only increased his reading ability but has also fueled his geography skills. He has a world globe I bought him and always likes to find the country, city, or state where the story is from. Next purchase for him will be a map of USA, because you really can't find cities on the globe. He has already used the mag to help him with assignments at school and he is only in 3rd grade." - by Grandma.

"Milos magazine"
"My grandson age 7 is autistic and very smart. He is so excited to receive this magazine and comes to the table to tell his parents all he has learned when the new one arrives. He is currently writing a book, at school, on snakes, fully armed with his new found knowledge." - by Grandma R.

Great Subscription for Schools, Businesses, Hospitals & more!
This children's magazine is the perfect addition if you're looking for reading material for your school library, waiting room, or business. Each issue of National Geographic Kids Magazine captures kids' attention, entertains them for hours, and leaves them waiting for the next issue! Purchase a subscription for your business - and don't be surprised to see every kid wanting to read it!

"Educationally Sound"
"The National Geographic Kids Magazine is never a letdown. My students read it cover to cover. The level of content is supreme. It fulfills the informational content necessary to meet standards. It gives them skill-building opportunities under the Common Core guidelines in a fun and interactive way. I will continue to provide my classroom with the magazine for years to come." - by Mrs. D.

"Fun, but educational too!"
"We are a law firm, and decided to order National Geographic Kids to entertain the children of our clients. We have an an excellent response to the magazine. Each issue has become worn from the frequent readings, and a few have even gone home with a child. Would enthusiastically recommend National Geographic Kids!" - by Vickie A.

"Nat Geo for Kids Mag is a Hit!"
"I'm a psychologist & see lots of kids in my practice. This magazine is very popular with both boys & girls in the waiting area. They love the colorful pics, the interesting articles & animal facts. Many of the kids ask if they can borrow a magazine to take home. The magazine helps make learning fun!" - by Lee A.

"Thumbs Up for National Geographic Kids"
"My students really love National Geographic Kids. It is available for grades 3-8. The text is easy to read for multiple age groups and the pictures are colorful and appropriate." - by Theresa, L.

The National Geographic Magazine Series:
The National Geographic Society features magazines for each age group!

For younger kids ages 3-6, National Geographic Little Kids Magazine is an excellent introduction to learning about the natural world.

Has your nature lover outgrown National Geographic Kids? Have no fear! National Geographic Magazine is the perfect next step.

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