Popular Mechanics Magazine Customer Reviews

Popular Mechanics Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 12-01-2023

Published by Hearst Magazines, Popular Mechanics Magazine is the perfect publication for anyone interested in DIY, home improvement, and scientific breakthroughs in various fields.

View more customer reviews and see why our subscribers give Popular Mechanics a 4.5-star rating!

Popular Mechanics - Digital

Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine

An educational gift for students and mechanics!
Anyone who opens an issue of Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine learns something valuable between the pages. Each issue features exciting articles that grab your attention, hold it, and stay with you for years. A subscription is perfect for those who wish never to stop learning - purchase today and fall in love with your first issue!

"Must be a good magazine to be the gift choice of my grandson--an engineering student at UofM." - by Lois S.

"Great resource"
"For my students who are interested in engineering, looking for real world connections to the skills they are developing, or who just like machines/robots Popular Mechanics is a great resource. The articles and the coverage written with enough depth and clarity to allow for a meaningful connection to classroom content at nearly every level." - by Smith.

"Great Gift"
"My grandson has enjoyed the gift of Popular Mechanics immensely. He has learned valuable tools, guidance and tips to assist with repairs and solving mechanical issues. I recommend this to anyone with an interest in mechanics." - by NW.

"A wealth of information."
"Over the many years that I have been a popular mechanics reader, I have learned many things. The technical support on automotive, electrical, plumbing, woodworking, tools, methods, ideas, photography, landscaping, all types of machines, the list goes on & on. If I were unable to have this magazine it would be like losing an old friend." - by Johnny.

The magazine that makes you think.
Whether you're curious about how gadgets work, how they're built, and how to build them yourself, you've come to the right place. Every print issue of Popular Mechanics - Digital Magazine highlights in-depth features on popular science topics: from the latest breakthroughs in technology to exclusive news in the automotive field.

"Technological entertainment."
"Here is a magazine where you can find out how things work with out falling sleep after reading the first ten lines. I find this magazine very informative and entertaining. Sometimes you wonder how things operate or what things are made of and with this magazine you can find this out." - by Cool J.

"Great Practical Resource"
"PM provides current and practical information for individuals interested in science and applied technology--and for a reasonable price!" - by Phibec.

"Learn Something New With Every Issue"
"Each month the editors chose a range of different and interesting topics. Not an issue goes by that I do not learn four or five new things. These lessons can improve our lives… well worth the small subscription cost." - by SpclkAZ.

"Keep Up With Things Never quit learning."
"Thanks Popular Mechanics for keeping me smart." - by Machina.

DIY and Home Improvement
Whether you're a licensed mechanic, a self-proclaimed DIY expert, or an interested tinkerer, you'll love a subscription to this print magazine. Discover indispensable how-to guides, new home improvement projects, and more - subscribe today!

"A nice mag for DIY types"
"Enjoy the articles on tools/repairs/how to do's." - by Anonymous.

"This is the best technology magazine."
"What I like about Popular Mechanics magazine is that it provides excellent articles on state of the art tools, energy-saving technology like solar power, alternate fuels, and provides children a chance to read about old, new and future technology that is written in a easy to understand format with excellent photos..its info you can use to SAVE MONEY every month on your home projects.. I have subscribed to hundreds of magazines over the years but I keep on renewing POP MECHANICS over and over the most.. Get a subscription for your kids and family..I read it in the restroom and my wife always wonders why I'm in there for a hour:-) Its good reading!!!!!!!!" - by the A.

"Great mag for thinking people"
"Always a source of useful information and special interest data for those of us who like to get physically involved in problem solving projects. There is something new in every issue." - by pjco144.

The best product reviews!
It can be challenging to find the right products, but Popular Mechanics is here for you! As a trusted resource by many, each issue offers in-depth, critical reviews of the latest gadgets and technological advancements. Get the right product every time by comparison shopping with a new subscription!
"Leading Edge Innovations in Engineering/Products"
"Stay current with latest developments in engineering for current and future products." - by Anonymous.

"Great magazine"
"I really enjoy the the variety of new products and technology that is shown. The writers show no bias as do some magazines. There is always something new to read about so it never gets old." - by dustydragon.

"New info"
"What I like most about Popular Mechanics is the newest technology in various areas like military, gadgets for the home, auto tech and a variety of other technological advances." - by Anonymous.

"The Best Tools!"
"Always something new and interesting." - by SC.

You'll never want your subscription to end!
Our subscribers enjoy Popular Mechanics so much that many have subscribed for a lifetime!

"Interesting information"
"I have read Pop Mechanics for many years and find the writers are still producing fact filled interesting articles. Thank you." - by Bob.

"A magazine for all ages"
"Long term reader and subscriber. The changes in the magazine editorial content, subjects covered and magazine layout are consistently well done. Still prefer the hard copy, actually pay more attention to the hard copy ads that using the digital version." - by Axxell.

"Best magazine I subscribe to"
"I have subscribed to many magazines in my lifetime but Popular Mechanics has always been my favorite. I enjoy how informative the tool testing, DIY, automotive and military equipment articles have been over the years." - by Roger.

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