National Geographic Magazine Subscription Reviews

National Geographic Magazine Subscription Reviews

Updated 09-01-2022

For more than 130 years, National Geographic Magazine has delighted, inspired, and educated readers from all walks of life. Published by the National Geographic Society, each issue of this nature magazine is a work of art. National Geographic features everything from insights into other cultures to vivid animal photography to detailed travel features!

Keep reading and discover why our customers give the print edition a 4.9-star rating!

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

State-of-the-art journalism + brilliant photography = works of art!
When we say "work of art," we mean it literally. Each issue of National Geographic Print Magazine inspires readers through brilliant photography. Explore Mother Nature through the eyes of award-winning photographers as they take you around the world with the turn of a page. Every article features in-depth information from today's best journalists, ensuring quality content through your browsing. Purchase a subscription today for beauty in every issue!

"A No-Brainer"
"Given the vast amount of slop that poses as journalism, I have given the National Geographic to our children for years as an outstanding example of fine reporting and excellent photography. They continue to enjoy it now with their own children, a family legacy. A rich treasure! If one wants to write better, to speak more fluently, read the National Geographic" - by Dan A.

"My all-time favorite magazine"
"I cannot express in words how incredibly beautiful the photos are in National Geographic. The paper quality exceeds all other magazines. The very articles in National Geographic are truly the best written. With such extraordinary photography and articles that rival none, there is no better magazine." - by Cindy J.

"Informative and beautiful."
"National Geographic has been a family favorite for over 40 years. We all take away something from each issue. The depth of the articles fills my need for information and details. The pictures with interesting captions keeps a child's interest as well as giving them some new facts about a remote area, people, or issue. The photography is the world's best, bar none. We will continue with our yearly subscription for many generations. Well done!" - by Njerzgal.

"A great mix of science and culture"
"NG provides a great mix of topics including science, history, and culture. The photography and writing are exceptional enough that even my teenagers will put down their electronics to read through the issues." - by Anonymous.

Learn something new in every issue, no matter where you are!
Whether in an academic setting or relaxing on the couch at home, you'll discover something new in every issue of this quality magazine! National Geographic Magazine is an excellent resource for high school classrooms, libraries, waiting rooms, and bedside tables. Discover exciting articles on culture, geography, nature, technology, and science, all backed by thorough research. Subscribe to the magazine that can both educate and entertain today!

"A mainstay of a well-informed mind"
"National Geographic reveals frontiers in every issues whether a study of a limited population or a study of a community, region, state, nation or sector of the world. Scientific discovery is presented for the focused professional or for the intellectually curious mind. National Geographic is a cornerstone of being an informed citizen." - by Doc B.

"Wonderful for browsing AND reading!!!"
"My family loves National Geographic! And when we're done enjoying it, I bring it to my classroom library. The engaging and beautiful photographs are a great lure to get students resistant to reading to read. I give them a National Geographic and tell them to look at the pictures, and before you know it, they're reading one of the articles!!!" - by Nikki.

"Wonderful Information"
"I like anything in the sciences and history. You can not go wrong with National Geographic magazine! Not only do you get great reports and articles, but the photography is fantastic and, at times, breathtaking. I read and reread my National Geographic and find something new each time. Once I have read it, I take it to school and use articles and pictures with my students." - by jzhcats.

"Best in History and Wild Life"
"I appreciate the careful and respectful reporting of events in the World and Nature." - by Gretch.

Travel the world with the turn of a page!
National Geographic Magazine is a great place to start if you're looking for ideas for your next jet-setting trip or for vividly imagining your dream vacation! From tales of exhilarating adventures to in-depth articles on people, places, and animals worldwide, each travel feature includes detailed maps and stunning images to take you on a vivid journey.

"Wonderful magazine for travel and photos."
"The photography is out of this world. I see places that I have only heard of on tv and will never visit. wonderful magazine!" - by lguditis.

"National Geographic explores the world."
"Outstanding magazine that has for many, many years made the world, its peoples, and animals more understandable!" - by Ted H.

"A guide"
"A great magazine for finding out -of-the-places when planning trips." - by Bob.

"Greatest of Magazines"
"National Geographic is not only the greatest of magazines but it is also a great organization. They employ people to examine our world and report back what they find. The environment, outer space and the peoples that inhabit far away places are just a few of the topics the caring folks at National Geographic cover." - by MJ F.

Great to keep ... and to gift!
Once you experience a National Geographic Magazine subscription for yourself, you'll want to share with everyone you care about. When you purchase or renew your subscription, make sure to send a gift subscription to your favorite person!

"A Magazine that Serves Many Purposes"
"I have been a subscriber to National Geographic for over 50 years. And - there is not an issue that I have not read cover to cover more than once. As an added bonus - the magazines have been / are shared with school students (of all ages), residents of assisted living facilities, family members, and the list goes on and on. My husband and I are travelers, so I have pulled out many saved issues which we re-read prior to our travels. And I could go on, and on, and on!" - by Dorothy.

"The gift for everyone"
"NG is one of my favorite gifts for adults, but now I realize my grandchildren love it too. It is a wonderful learning tool and it is a gift that arrives 12 times a year!" - by Kathleen.

"National Geographic is great!"
"I love National Geographic and so do my grandkids! We read it together each month then cut out the pictures for projects." - by Anonymous.

Love for National Geographic is a love that lasts a lifetime!
Many of our customers continue their subscriptions for decades! Though the world has changed, the quality of National Geographic Magazine hasn't. Purchase an annual subscription to National Geographic today - you won't want it to end!

"80 years of enjoyment"
"NG is the most consistent enjoyable and educational print that there is. On top of that, it sponsors research activities." - by Walter.

"Keep on top of all the latest explorations with National Geographic."
"I have been a member for over 50 years and will continue to do so." - by Karen M.

"I have subscribed to National Geographic since the seventies. Love everything." - by Rosalyn.

Nat Geo Kids titles:
There is no age limit for loving nature. Created for kids ages 3-6 , National Geographic Little Kids is the perfect magazine to start their learning adventure! Once they're ready for the next step up, kids ages six and up will love National Geographic Kids Magazine! Start them young - they'll be proud to be NG Kids!

Order a Subscription with MagazineLine!
With a 4.8 overall star rating from customers, MagazineLine helps you save money off newsstand rates!

"Excellent Service"
"Very good service, and is extremely reliable." - by Dannyk9411

"Magazine Line Is An Awesome Company"
"National Geographic is a great magazine with great articles and beautiful pictures." - by Tigerman.

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