Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine Customer Reviews

Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 06-07-2023

Ranger Rick Jr. is another excellent magazine from The National Wildlife Federation (NWF). In each issue, Ricky Raccoon takes young readers on exciting adventures with new animal friends. Recommended by 100% of our subscribers, this animal and nature magazine is perfect for preschoolers and elementary students aged 4-7!

Keep reading and learn more about why our customers give Ranger Rick Jr. an excellent 4.9-star rating!

Ranger Rick Jr.

Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine

Educational Tool
Uniquely designed for kids in the 4-7-year-old age group, each issue of Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine is educational, fun, and age-appropriate. While the magazine promotes active learning and encourages discussion and questions, young readers learn essential skills like basic reading, arithmetic, and reasoning skills. With vivid nature photography and fun activities to top it off, it's no wonder why it's a favorite of kids, parents, and teachers alike!

"Best Children's Magazine"
"Ranger Rick Jr. has wonderful photography that heightens curiosity and text that uses great vocabulary. It covers a nice range of reading levels, from Rebus to grade 2. Articles are just the right length to build scientific knowledge for girls and boys. Parents and grandparents enjoy the content, too, when they choose Ranger Rick Jr. as a read aloud experience with their children." - Margaret W.

"Great educational tool"
"Such a great way to teach young children about ecology, conservation, and protection of our world's resources. It is my go to gift for by child over 3 years old." - by Anonymous.

"An Exciting Adventure"
"Ranger Rick is an excellent magazine for young children. The animals catch their attention and makes them want to know more. This is a good teaching tool for parents." - by Anonymous.

Animals Galore!
Children love animals, and Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine brings old favorites and exciting new animals in every issue! Fantastic full-color animal photos bring nature to life, bringing kids face-to-face with wildlife. Learn all about each species through exciting animal facts, themed puzzles, wildlife trivia, and fun projects!

"Kids who love animals will love Ranger Rick Jr!!"
"My grand-daughter loves Ranger Rick Jr. She is 6, she loves getting things in the mail and is all about learning about animals. Great magazine for her." - by Vicki.

"Great start for children and magazine reading!"
"My children are three and five. We love looking and learning about the new animals featured each issue. Many WoW! Moments. We enjoy the little activities within the magazine. As a magazine reader, I like the layout of the magazine overall. I suggest this magazine as a starter to literacy and magazine reading." - by Angie.

"Amazing Magazine"
"This magazine is fun, informative, and inspiring. My niece has already decided at five to go to college and become a wildlife biologist." - by Paul.

Engage the whole family!
When your little one has a question, comments on an article, or wants to enjoy the "Read-to-Me" section, make it a point to involve everyone. Family time is an excellent opportunity to encourage discussion and make connections - multiple brains are better than one! Purchase a subscription today: Ranger Rick Jr. benefits the whole family!

"Great for children"
"Ranger Rick Jr is a wonderful means to engage with your child in a non-technical way! Reading is so important for children's success. A great opportunity to engage in dialogue with children!" - by Melissa.

"A Family Favorite"
"Ranger Rick Jr. has been a part of our family for a long time. My two adult sons enjoyed the magazine as young boys. Now my two grandsons are enjoying the same magazine just as their daddy did. Now they enjoy it together. It is a wonderful way for the guys to learn and explore together." - by Mom/Gran.

"Family Inclusive"
"When magazine arrives, it's a priority for Mom to sit down and page thru it with the grands!!!" - by Anonymous.

"Best Educational Gift"
"My gift is greatly appreciated. Everyone in the family enjoys it. Adults remember getting it as a child. Children get excited about what they see in each issue. Will renew for new year too." - by Anonymous.

Watch their excitement bud and bloom!
Do you remember getting letters as a kid? Receiving personal mail as a child is like a present; running to the mailbox to see their own magazine is almost as exciting as the content itself! A Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine subscription is an excellent gift for young readers, starting them on a path of self-discovery and education!

"There's nothing like getting your very own mail as a little boy or girl. And a magazine full of colorful pictures!!" - by Anonymous.

"Awesome Service"
"I am so pleased with the magazine. More importantly, my nephew gets so excited when he receives it in the mail. He loves the passages and learning about animals. He loves telling me about the animal facts he learns from his magazine." - by Kate.

"The magazine subscription was a gift for my 7 year old grandson…. He couldn't be happier! He looked at it until it was crumbled. He looks forward to each month! I will be sure to keep the subscription for him!!! Thanks for spreading joy" - by Atti.

The Ranger Rick series is for kids of all ages!
Do you have different-aged children who want to join the fun? The Ranger Rick series provides animal fun for children of all ages! Start your toddler off with Ranger Rick Cub for ages 0-4, moving to Ranger Rick Jr. (formerly Your Big Backyard) for ages 4-7, before upgrading them to Ranger Rick Magazine for ages 7-12.

"Ranger Rick Junior is a lovely gift for kids!"
"This is a gift for our granddaughter, we renewed it because she really enjoys it. Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Junior are both excellent magazines and are organized for the ages shown." - by Donald R.

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