Scout Life Magazine Customer Reviews

Scout Life Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 09-16-2022

From the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Scout Life Magazine is the premier publication for Scouters aged 6-14. Formerly titled Boys' Life, this scouting magazine is great for young boys and girls with scout spirit interested in the great outdoors.

Keep reading and discover why our customers give Scout Life a 4.7-star rating!

Scout Life

Scout Life Magazine

A great way to introduce outdoor adventures to tech-loving kids
As years pass and technology advances, separating kids from their tech and games can become more challenging. Scout Life Magazine introduces children to the ultimate scouting experience, inspiring their curious minds with stories of fellow Scouts earning merit badges, hiking with unit leaders, and undertaking exciting adventures. Purchase a subscription today and watch your young reader get excited to campout and complete service projects!

"Boys life for grandson"
"Great replacement to get them off the iPad for a little while" - by Anonymous.

"BOY'S LIFE is a fine magazine for youth. The stories and activities are all interesting and give the boys exercises in reading and ideas for things to make, build, and enjoy." - by JOHN L.

"Boys & the great outdoors."
"He loves the stories and the activities." - by 5472L.

Scout Life teaches lessons that stick with readers for life!
From Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts, kids learn many valuable skills from being a Scout. Scout Life has expanded readers' understanding of these life lessons for more than a century through kid-friendly stories: learning basic first aid, caring for the world around us, sticking to the Scout Oath, and following Scout Law.

"This is a Great Magazine for Scouts, Teens and Young Men and Women who appreciate Adventures with Nature, Wildlife, Independence and Sustainability for the Environment!" - by Vitaly.

"A perfect way to get knowledge on just about anything"
"It gives knowledge on everything from boy scouts, gaming and life situations and many things in between. I love getting this magazine." - by Luke.

"Great Magazine!"
"This magazine deal with a large variety of subjects and the students, both male and female enjoy reading it." - by Jonell.

"I think the title says it all."
"I have seen Boy's Life since I was a scout about sixty years ago. It is an excellent reading for boys and girls. I provides direction and ideas. Wonderful publication." - by Anonymous.

Scout Life makes reading FUN!
For the kids who have trouble finding interest in reading, a fun magazine is a great way to start their learning journey! Each issue of this fun scouting magazine highlights camping adventures, outdoor sports, instructive hobbies, and even kid-friendly jokes! Scout Life Magazine encourages reading to become part of their daily life - purchase a subscription today!

"My Reluctant Reader LOVES it!"
"My 9 year old son is a very reluctant reader. Partly because he has an older sister who is a power reader who can go through 4 YA novels in one day… That being said, the magazine arrived and I placed it on his bed for him to read when he woke up the following morning. Morning rolled around and still my son has not come out of his room for breakfast. I was happy to find him still in bed, reading through this magazine. The magazine, "Boy's Life", is a great magazine for young boys who need to realize the value that little boys are. Great for making boys proud to be boys!" - by Agape M.

"A great magazine for all."
"This is a great magazine for anyone, there is so much things to learn and do, and reading has become much more fun for me now." - by jenjen.

"5 stars"
"best magazine ever I'm a boy I need something to read besides books this is great! What else is there?!?!?!" - by loppy.

A gift is best when shared!
Whether you're Life Rank, Eagle Rank, or entirely new to the scouting life, take some time to read each edition after your little one - you may be surprised how much you can learn too! Every issue features fun, helpful information to share, and discussing with children afterward helps reinforce lessons learned.

"There is a lot of information in this publication in the form of learning and entertainment for Scouts, but not just for Scouts. My grandson is in Webelos, granddaughters are not, my nephew is not in Scouts, but all read, learn and are entertained by Boy's Life. I read it as well, as a former Scout, and have had fun discussions about articles with them in the past." - by Jeff.

"Dad likes it too."
"I have not seen the magazine. I gave it as a gift to my grandson. I got feed-back when I saw him at a family function, and he reported that his dad reads it, too." - by Anonymous.

"Double the pleasure!"
"I ordered Boys' Life for my twin grandsons and they love it!" - by Grandma S.

"Boys Life for a sweet boy"
"My grandson really enjoys his subscription and I am so glad his mother suggested it. This is a magazine my brother got when he was the same age - 9 years old. He liked it and when Sam expressed his desire to get the same magazine, I was happy to subscribe for him. It has lots of interesting ideas and articles, I am glad it's still in publication." - by Chat_Kath47.

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