Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine Customer Reviews

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 09-16-2022

For over 30 years, Sports Illustrated Kids has delighted and taught young kids about the world of sports. This children's sports magazine subscription is perfect for boys and girls ages 8-14. Keep reading to discover why our customers gave Sports Illustrated Kids a 4.8-star rating!

Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

A great gift for young sports fans!
If you're looking for an idea for a that goes beyond the initial surprise, you've found the right place! Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine is the gift that keeps on giving! Your young athlete will enjoy year-round issues packed with everything sports: the latest team news, exclusive interviews with athlete role models, and high-quality action photos! Purchase a 1-year subscription today and save over 70% off the cover price!

"Sports Lover"
"My grandson, age 12, looks forward to receiving the Sports Illustrated for Kids in the mail. It covers the most famous athletes and makes reading FUN!" - by Doris.

"Love them!"
"I've been ordering yearly subscriptions to Sports Illustrated Kids for my grandson for about 3 years. He loves them!!! This year (he turned 12), I thought he might have tired of them, but NO, he still loves getting them!" - by Karen.

"Successful Gift!"
"We gifted our older grandson, now grade 8, Sports Illustrated for Kids lots of years ago and now the subscription is finally in his younger brother's name! Great investment and fun to hear when I ask, Where did you learn that? Answer: In Sports Illustrated for Kids, Besta!" - by Besta.

"Great for sports-loving kids"
"My grandson has enjoyed SIKids for the past 4 years. He is now 10 and reads it from cover to cover. When he is finished, his mother takes them to use in her 5th grade classroom." - by Anonymous.

Sports Illustrated Kids teaches kids more about their passions.
One way kids learn is by gathering knowledge about their favorite topics. Young athletes can learn a lot in the pages of Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine! Discover tips from the pros, how-to features on sports techniques, and other quality advice for kids! In "End Zone," aspiring athletes solve picture puzzles, master educational games, and more!

"Love this magazine!"
"My 8-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter both learn a lot from this colorful, informative magazine every time it arrives. I only wish it came more often!" -by Dana.

"Your articles are ALWAYS relevant to 'today's news', attentive to the interest, age, grade, & reading levels of readers. The information, photos, etc. that you present in the articles, stories, statistics is always accurate and just enough to motivate young readers to research, analyze and 'dig for more information on a given topic, article/story! You do a fantastic job of capturing/retaining young sports lover's attention, interest, and enthusiasm! THANK YOU MAGAZINE LINE!" - by Bonnie.

"So good you could build a library…"
"My son loves his subscription. He saves all past issues and continually goes back to them after the latest has been read. We have them in the car and in his room as well as where we normally read. I often wonder if something new has come only to find out it is actually years old." - by mrb.

Encourages reading - even for kids who don't like to read.
If your child is struggling to find something they would like to read, Sports Illustrated Kids may be for them! Each issue of this bi-monthly magazine is easily digestible, attention-grabbing, and full of fun sports content.

Educators and librarians appreciate SI Kids for its impressive ability to improve children's reading skills without them knowing! Students will be craving the arrival of new issues - they may even ask you for a children's book next! Subscribe to Sports Illustrated Kids today!

"This magazine interests kids who enjoy sports and may not like to read."
"I purchased for my 9 year old grandson and even though he is a good reader, he doesn't like to read. However he loves reading Sports Illustrated for Kids and uses it as his free time reading." - by Anonymous.

"Great magazine for sports loving kids!"
"Great magazine for sports loving kid! Another way to get them reading is by giving them something they are interested about!" - by Anonymous.

"Sports Illustrated for Kids"
"I love Sports Illustrated for Kids because it gets my 3rd and 4th grade students reading. It doesn't have to be a book. A magazine is a good way to motivate students." - by Anonymous.

"Fun & Interesting Read!"
"Well written. Develops reading skills and widens Ones Horizons?" - by G.G.

As good as the original - Sports Illustrated Magazine!
Once they've outgrown Sports Illustrated Kids, readers can begin a new subscription to Sports Illustrated Magazine: the ultimate sports magazine from leading sports analysts!

"SI for Kids rocks"
"As professional as the original" - by Spark.

"SI Kids is the GOAT for youth sports magazines"
"SI KIDS is appropriately the offspring from the GOAT sports magazine, Sports Illustrated. No Kidding!" - by BK.

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