Zoobooks Magazine Customer Reviews

Zoobooks Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 10-06-2022

Zoobooks Magazine is an award-winning publication from the National Wildlife Federation, bringing special animal features to young readers across the country since 1980.

Keep reading and discover why our readers give Zoobooks a 4.5-star rating!


Zoobooks Magazine

A fun educational magazine for young animal lovers!
Created for children ages 6-12, Zoobooks Magazine combines children's love of animals with reading and science. Overseen by animal experts, zookeepers, and zoologists, Zoobooks teaches readers about a new animal in every issue. Browse with your child as they partake in new adventures, learning through interactive activity pages with age-appropriate games, fun puzzles, hands-on projects, and more! This children's magazine is an excellent tool for homeschooling, with accompanied web-based learning through e-Safaris!

"A Great Source for Kids to Learn About Animals"
"I've been subscribing to Zoobooks for a while now. The photos, the information, the details given about each animal are an excellent resource for children to learn about animals." - by Anonymous.

"They Love Zoobooks!"
"Books for my granddaughters. They not only enjoy the read but are learning at the same time." - by Anonymous.

"Great resource for kids!"
"This has wonderfully vivid pictures and lots of great information about different animals. My child has worn the pages of every issue and looks forward to the next issue." - by Judy.

"Awesome Animals Zoobooks brings animals to life in the pages of a magazine. I love the focus of the magazine - one animal or group of animals are featured in each issue! Children are enthralled at the photographs and learn all about the animal - no advertising too!" - by Awesome A.

A great learning tool."
"My 3 grand children enjoy and look forward to getting the magazine in the mail regularly." - by Anonymous.

An inclusive read for all!
You may remember this print magazine from childhood - Zoobooks has entertained and educated readers for over 40 years. Zoobooks aren't just for young children! Older kids, parents, and grandparents can read along to spark conversations, have fun, and learn something yourself. The "Zooworks" section encourages readers of all ages to share their knowledge by submitting their drawings, stories, and poems! Purchase a subscription today!

"Any age is great for zoo books"
"My son read them at age 8 and still reading them at 35! Very informative and educational and fun to read" - by The N.

"Age appropriate reading for grades 2-4."
"My son is enjoying the fact that he can navigate the reading even though it looks too challenging at first glance. This increases his confidence in reading." - by Anonymous.

"My Down Syndrome adult son loves getting his magazine in the mail. He likes looking at pictures and having a magazine he can leaf through." - by Judy F.

"Zoobooks Yeah"
"Zoobooks are great informational magazines. Even their grandmother likes to read them from cover to cover. A great buy!" - by Katie.

A great magazine to gift!
With nine issues in a one-year subscription, Zoobooks Magazine entertains readers all year (and beyond - just save the issues!). Can you think of a child that needs a little extra animal love? Purchase a gift subscription for your young animal lover - and add one for your local library or classroom!

"Gift for grandkids"
"Zoo books is a beautiful informative magazine for children of all ages. My 6 year old grandchildren are really enjoying their subscription. I always had a subscription for my 5th grade classroom too!" - by Karen P.

"Zoobooks is a 10"
"Children love animals and Zoobooks is the best source that I have seen. Beautiful photos and full of interesting facts! Highly recommend as a parent and elementary school librarian. Zoobooks is always in high demand." - by Anita.

"Super animal magazine"
"My students love the facts and photos of animals used in the magazine. It is a great resource for writing a report in addition to using the internet. The articles are not only informative, but also easy to understand." - by 3rd G.

"Pretty educational"
"We have so far received 2 issues of Zoobooks. I really like how these magazines read like small stories. (I previously subscribed to National Geographic-Kids for my 7 year old and it was cute but mostly just pictures and some brief interesting facts. Reading the entire magazine took maybe 15 minutes.) If you have a child who is interested in animals and doesn't like to read, I would highly suggest Zoobooks! There is nothing better than hearing your child say, "Mom, did you know that……..?" over and over again and not know she is learning. :-)" - by Jay.

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