Girls' Life Magazine Reviews

Girls' Life Magazine Reviews

Updated 08-17-2022

Finding a good magazine that's entertaining while remaining age-appropriate can be challenging. With a Girls' Life Magazine subscription, you won't need to worry about what your tween is reading. As a repeat winner of the Parent's Choice Awards, Girls' Life is a favorite of preteens, teens, and parents! See why our customers gave this magazine for 10- to 16-year-old girls a 4.4-star rating!

Girls' Life Magazine

Girls' Life Magazine

Honest Advice for Teenage Girls
Girls' Life Magazine is an excellent resource, providing valuable and meaningful advice for the essential things in their lives. From dealing with peer pressure and embarrassing moments in high school to learning to love their body image and increase self-esteem, to coping with stress in all walks of life and succeeding in school: this teen magazine touches on it all! Help them get their advice from a trusted source: subscribe today!

"Interesting & Fun Articles for Teens"
"As a teenager decades ago, I wanted to know anything & everything so I wouldn't be a wallflower. I purchased my first Girls' Life, read it thoroughly, and then sent it to my daughter for her approval -- she loved it -- so I ordered it for my granddaughters, ages 10-14. While my daughter has great rapport with her 3 girls, we all know that kids hear bad -- even incorrect -- advice every day at school, on TV, and from friends. I love that Girls' Life offers more insight for a teen girl's life." - by Grandma D.

"This is a good lessons magazine."
"This magazine helped me get through some of my boy, school, and teen drama problems. This magazine has been very helpful!" - by Ashton.

Fashion and Beauty Tips
A love for fashion starts young, but it's crucial to expose tweens and teens to age-appropriate trends. Each issue of Girls' Life Magazine features fresh fashion inspiration, styling secrets, skincare advice, and more! Help her learn how to express herself meaningfully with a gift subscription!
"I enjoy receiving a Girls' Life Magazine it helped with learning bout what's in for Clothes and FASHION. It also gave me helpful advice on what to do in a situation and how to deal with situations. P.S I LOVE THE CLOTHES it helps with helping me to save up for something that I can buy myself or to get my dad" - by Ryann P.

"I love reading about current fashion trends"
"This magazine has been fun to look at as well as to read. I am learning about current trends" - by Colleen.

Fun & more!
Having fun and enjoying yourself is essential, especially in those tumultuous teen years. Mixed with serious life advice, Girls' Life Magazine features celebrity interviews with our favorite celeb crushes; fun quizzes and party planning guides; must list with the best books, movies, and music; and fun quizzes for tween girls! Give the gift of endless fun with a subscription to this great magazine!

"Girls Life = Happy tween daughter!"
"My tween daughter loves her Girls Life magazine! The smile on her face when it arrives is priceless. With each turn of the page, Girls Life captivates and entertains her with its positive, inspiring and fun articles. It's a breath of fresh air for this mama to not only see my daughter holding a magazine vs an iPad, but really enjoying it. Good ole magazine reading was a pastime pleasure that has sadly phased out over the years. If you're on the fence about Girls Life, give it a try. Think you'll a happy and entertained tween with each page turned vs computer buttons pushed." - by Reds.

"A Good Choice"
"My granddaughter who just turned 12 years of age likes the new magazine very much. She has received only two copies so far, but it appears to be age appropriate, interesting and enjoyable for her." - by Gramma.

"Girls Life" "My 14 yr. old granddaughter loves it. Anxiously awaits its arrival and reads it cover to cover." - by Grandma.

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