Top Magazines for Millennials

Top Magazines for Millennials

Updated 02-20-2024

If you're looking for the best magazines for Millennials, you've come to the right place! Below you will find a list of titles with a broad range of interests: from fashion and style to celebrity and entertainment to cooking and home décor to news and more. Many of the titles featured in our list also feature digital editions. Read further to find the best title for your interests!

Do Millennials Read Print Magazines?
Today, technology, social media, and mobile devices are an integral part of our society. Mobile technology has been valuable for all of us, offering quick fixes, easy access, and unlimited knowledge at our fingertips. However, there is something about holding a magazine in your hands, listening to the turn of each page, and saving it for later reading, that's like returning to an old friend. According to a Customer Focus Research study published by Quad Graphics, 62% of Millennials prefer to read printed magazines, with 49% of this age group having read a magazine in the last 7 days, covering a large part of their media consumption.

Top Magazines for Millennials in the U.S.
We narrowed down our list of top magazines for this demographic by considering three things: each magazine's circulation, readership, and reach. Circulation refers to how many copies of each issue is distributed, including single-copy sales, paid subscriptions, and verified subscriptions. Readership refers to the number of people who read the magazine on average.

People Magazine

People Magazine

People Magazine has a circulation of over 3.4 million and a readership of more than 32 million people. Across all platforms, they reach a total audience of 118 million people.

As one of America's most popular magazines, People Magazine provides a connection to your favorite celebrities, royals, and public figures seldom found elsewhere. Subscribers will enjoy the light-hearted, true celeb stories as a welcome reprieve from more serious current events. Providing entertaining, thoughtful reads, each issue of this magazine features the latest in fashion, juicy gossip, all-telling interviews, and exclusive photos from the red carpet to celebs' own homes.

Special editions include People's 100 Most Beautiful People, the Sexiest Man Alive, and more! Throw in reliable reviews on popular books, movies, and TV shows, and you've got all of Hollywood covered! Subscribe today! Or subscribe to the digital version!

Good Housekeeping - Digital

Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine

Good Housekeeping sports a circulation of over 3.3 million and a readership of more than 14.4 million people. They reach a total of 57 million people across platforms.

Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine is your source for everything home and garden! With a commitment to the modern home, this quality magazine helps make your house feel even more like home. Discover trending decorating tips, fun DIY projects, smart storage options, healthy recipes, tips on staying fit, and even career advice!

Your home wouldn't be a home without your loved ones - learn more effective communication methods, strengthen your relationships with your spouse and family, and enrich their lives along with your own. The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval will help you choose the best products for you, from hair and skincare to electronics and food - even on a budget. Subscribe to this digital publication today!

Cosmopolitan - Digital

Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine features a circulation of 2.2 million and a readership of 13 million adults. Their brand reaches over 6.8 million millennials alone, and a total audience of 65 million people across social media, print, and digital media.

It says something when a magazine stays in print for 135 years: Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine was and still is the ultimate magazine for today's women. From the Baby Boomers to Gen X to Millennials, each new generation has looked to Cosmo for invaluable advice on the whole gamut of life as a woman. From tips on reaching your personal goals to climbing the ladder of success (while looking great at every step!) to balancing your work and personal life, readers will appreciate the many insights into the working world.

Enhance your well-being with ideas for eating healthy, taking care of your body, and exercising right. Discover the newest names in fashion, recent tips on upgrading your style, and picking the right outfit for any occasion. Stay entertained with user-submitted content ranging from embarrassing moments, success stories, and more! Subscribe to Cosmo today!

Us Weekly

Us Weekly Magazine

US Weekly sports a circulation of 1.9 million and a readership of 9.5 million people. They reach nearly 50 million consumers across all platforms.

Another great pop culture and entertainment magazine is Us Weekly Magazine. Providing the inside scoop on everything Hollywood, this publication covers film, TV, music, video, and more. Get the latest news on Hollywood's hottest celebs: from vacation photos to new styles, food planning and nutrition to trainer secrets and workout plans.

What makes US Weekly unique is the round-the-clock pre- and post-Red Carpet coverage, as their journalists report on 18 award shows every year! Issues will slide you backstage at award shows, sneak you into celebrity parties, and provide all the juicy details from every development. Purchase a subscription today!

Food Network - Digital

Food Network - Digital Magazine

Food Network Magazine features a circulation of 1.7 million and a readership of 12.1 million people. Across platforms, they reach an audience of over 90 million people!

Young adults who enjoy cooking are sure to be familiar with the Food Network TV channel, and the magazine subscription will not disappoint! Compared to other food magazines, Food Network - Digital Magazine has a more passionate, entertaining approach to cooking. Connect with your favorite celebrity chefs with each fun issue as they provide culinary expertise in new, mouth-watering dishes.

Each recipe features stunning illustrations with easy-to-follow steps, making cooking simple than ever! Experiment with new ideas, discover little-known tips and find the perfect meal for every occasion. Have a great time cooking and embrace your inner chef with a Food Network subscription!

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine sports a circulation of 1.6 million. They reach 15.9 million adults through print and digital platforms.

With everything going on in our nation and worldwide (pandemic included!), it's essential to get your news from a trusted source. TIME Magazine is a great resource to utilize with their thoroughly researched and fact-checked stories. Articles are written by award-winning journalists, providing expert analysis on a range of news topics.

Catch up on the latest headlines in politics and business, science and technology, current events and society, health and human achievement pieces, and much more! Asking and answering the tough questions, this news magazine breaks each issue down, providing clear explanations and enhancing your understanding of what's going on. Subscribe now and be the first to read each new issue!

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated Magazine has a circulation of 1.2 million and a readership of 17 million. They reach more than 30 million people across all platforms.

Get all your sports news in one place from Sports Illustrated Magazine! This leading sports magazine covers amateur, college, and professional athletic events for casual watchers and fanatics alike. Find the latest updates on men's and women's NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, and more!

The industries' top announcers and analysts provide the latest scores and stats, big games, recruitment coverage, and breaking news. Get to know your favorite athletes with exclusive interviews and detailed profiles. With talented writers, unbiased reporting, and award-winning action photography, it's no wonder it's one of the world's favorite sports magazines. Try Sports Illustrated today!

Men's Health - Digital

Men's Health - Digital Magazine

Men's Health Magazine has a circulation of 1.5 million and a readership of 9.5 million people.

As one of America's most popular men's magazines, Men's Health - Digital Magazine touches on all things male. Focusing on helping men achieve a well-rounded lifestyle, each issue of this publication features tips to improve your personal life. Discover advice on personal relationships like help with first dates and enhancing your sex life, updates on the latest tech and gadgets you need, fashion and style tips, and where to head on your next vacation.

Get your body in the best shape of your life with new workout plans, new exercises to build muscle quickly, healthy recipes to make sure you're eating right, and expert weight loss advice. Buy a subscription to the print edition today! Or, subscribe to Men's Health Digital.


GQ Magazine

GQ has a circulation of 945,000 and a readership of 5 million.

GQ Magazine, or Gentlemen's Quarterly, is the premier men's lifestyle magazine of our generation. Trusted by millions to keep them on top of their game, GQ provides coverage on everything that matters to the modern, sophisticated male. Discover honest advice on fashion, grooming, sex, fitness, and stay updated on new tech, movies, music, and books, politics, cultural news, and food, and the latest sports profiles from your favorite athletes. With a unique design, leading photographers, and award-winning writers, you can't go wrong with a subscription -subscribe today!

Another Popular Choice

  • Vogue
    For the fashionista Millennials, Condé Nast's Vogue Magazine is a great choice! Covering all things high fashion for over a century, this magazine is recognized worldwide as the ultimate fashion authority. Each issue keeps readers up to date on the hottest trends in style, clothes, accessories, beauty, and art; unveils the latest haute couture and runway choices; and ideas on tweaking outfits to work for multiple occasions!
    Learn all about leading and up-and-coming designers through exclusive biographical pieces. Subscribe today and unleash your inner glitz, glamour, and fashion!

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