Best Magazines for Moms

Best Magazines for Moms

Updated 07-17-2023

As a mother, you know it can be hard to find time for yourself, whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned pro. Carving out "me time" is difficult and when you get those rare moments alone, do you clean? Nap? Cook? When you finally have time to unwind at the end of your crazy, hectic day, use those silent moments to relax with your favorite magazine - appreciate yourself and your contribution to motherhood! We've compiled a list of the best magazines for moms - decorating and do-it-yourself inspiration, cooking ideas, health and fitness focus, parenting tips, and fun, celebrity news - we have it all! Check out our list of the top magazines for moms below!

Explore our favorite magazines for moms of all ages here!

People Magazine

People Magazine

Lose yourself in the world of celebrities with People Magazine! At times of high stress, what better way to escape than in the pages of a magazine? Reaching over 46 million readers, this magazine brings you into your favorite celebs' triumphs, tragedies, and everyday lives. Get your fix of the latest pop culture news and gossip with exclusive, compelling stories of today's most fascinating people.

One of the unique aspects of this magazine is its determination to allow each celebrity the opportunity to present themselves the way they want to be delivered, leaving no room for unsubstantiated rumors. Browse through pictures of the stars, reviews on the latest books, TV shows, and movies, and discover the newest fashion trends! Buy a subscription now! People Magazine is also available on the go - buy the digital edition here!

Story Monsters Ink - Digital

Story Monsters Ink - Digital Magazine

Enhance your children's learning with Story Monsters Ink - Digital Magazine! We are all adjusting to the new "normal" during the Covid-19 pandemic- especially those with children learning from home. Story Monsters Ink is an excellent addition to their curriculum, bringing fun, family-friendly resources.

Each issue features the latest news on debut books and products, reviews on books and movies, and learning supplements and activities! Discover reading guides, Spanish-language columns, and science and nature columns. Your kids can even submit their work! Issues feature a special column solely for articles, poems, and drawings submitted by readers. You can't go wrong with a subscription - it was even a winner of Mom's Choice Awards! Subscribe today!

Military Spouse

Military Spouse Magazine

Parenting and marriage can be demanding - even more so when your spouse is serving our country in the military. Military Spouse Magazine is here for you! As the only national magazine written by, for, and about U.S. military spouses, this magazine should be your number 1 read.

Regardless of rank, D.O.D. position, service affiliation, or whether your spouse is serving abroad or stateside, Military Spouse will keep you in touch with other spouses across the nation. Discover articles on the military aspect of parenting, relationships, finances, education, and careers. While it can all feel stressful, you've just inherited a big family: the whole military! You'll receive support, advice, and help in simplifying your wonderful military life. Expand your family to almost 700,000 military spouses by subscribing today!

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Magazine

Take the guesswork out of buying products with Consumer Reports Magazine! Working from their in-house testing lab and research center, they have more than 140 experts evaluating and explaining products. With 100% unbiased reviews, each product is evaluated on a series of criteria.

Make educated buying decisions with reviews, ratings, and comparison shopping on various products: from cars, appliances, and electronics to baby gear, children's toys, and home products - and much more. They even review and compare investment funds, insurance policies, and groceries. Don't worry about wasting time trying to research the best product - let Consumer Reports do it for you! Subscribe today!

We hope you've found the perfect magazine (or more than one!) to treat yourself or the mother in your life. For more options, visit our full catalog of magazines!


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