Top Music Magazines

Top Music Magazines

Updated 04-08-2022

It can be challenging to stay on top of all the latest album releases and Billboard Hits. Whether you're new to music journalism or have been reading since vinyl records began, the magazine music scene welcomes you! Music magazine subscriptions are an excellent resource for discovering popular and independent music for your playlists. Read further to find the best sources for music reviews and news!

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Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine

Gain exclusive access to your favorite artists with Rolling Stone Magazine! As one of the world's most popular music magazines since 1967, Rolling Stone Magazine covers music and pop culture from New York City to Los Angeles to the United Kingdom and beyond!

Discover reviews on what's hot: movies, songs, and album reviews! Whether you're a fan of hip hop, rock, country, or pop music, you'll find music news for your taste. Each issue also features the latest cover stories in technology, politics, national affairs, and Hollywood. Subscribe today for the best of the best!


Stereophile Magazine

Amp up your listening with help from Stereophile Magazine! As the oldest magazine (with the highest readership!) focused on high-end music technology, Stereophile helps music lovers find the best tech. Discover trustworthy reviews on high-end components with expert evaluations from advanced test equipment!

Each issue features the latest hi-fi industry news, reissues of classic records, and more. Whether you're listening to rock or electronic music, from vinyl or MP3, with a fader or equalizer - get the best of your listening with a new subscription!


DownBeat Magazine

DownBeat Magazine is for jazz enthusiasts, teachers, and musicians of all levels. Since its creation in 1934, DownBeat has informed and entertained readers with every issue.

Learn more about jazz history, discover the latest products, and get to know your favorite musicians through exclusive interviews! Each issue also features new talent profiles (from high school and beyond!), record reviews, and expert advice on improving your craft. Purchase a subscription today!

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

In a world of electronics and technology, it's nice to take a break with some acoustic music. Acoustic Guitar Magazine is the ultimate choice for acoustic enthusiasts. Young and old, beginner and experienced players alike enjoy every issue.

Discover valuable musical instruction, expert advice, and technical tips - it will feel like the writers are right there with you, teaching and inspiring you with every turn of the page. Each issue features product reviews, performer interviews, music tablature, etc. Share your love of the acoustic music industry with a new subscription!


Revolver Magazine

Revolver Magazine is the "World's Loudest Rock Magazine!" From classic rock to hard rock to metal, Revolver offers compelling looks at the hottest bands in heavy music. Go far behind the scenes - on stage and in the artists' homes! Each issue features exclusive photography, cutting-edge editorials, and the latest heavy music news. If you're looking for high-energy, edgy reporting, this magazine is for you - subscribe today!

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