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Scientific American

4.5 out of 5
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About Scientific American

Scientific American Magazine provides a forum where working scientists and Nobel laureates present their latest work in a broad range of fields, including medicine, technology, energy, the environment, business, and more. Written and edited with technically educated professionals and managers in mind, each issue of Scientific American Magazine provides all the relevant information on how the latest advances apply to industry, the professions, and public policy.

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Average Rating

4.5 out of 5

Based on 22 reviews

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3 out of 5

Good magazine for the professional scientist


Good magazine but a bit too technical for the lay person like myself. The detail provided in the studies seems like it is more for the professional people than the average person.

5 out of 5

great general science magazine


Everyone who visits has to check out this mag. It has lots of good science articles to make you think.

4 out of 5

Very Good Magazine


Excellent magazine for those who are interested in current events in the scientific field. Well writted articles that are for the most part, very interesting.

4 out of 5

Good Mag


I like the articles, but the font is too small for easy reading. Also, it would be nice to have better pictures to go with the articles. Overall, though, I really like the magazine. Interesting articles and subjects covered.

3 out of 5

The formatting could be a little better


The font is too small (I have perfect vision) and the visuals accompanying the articles could be a bit sleeker. I like the articles but its the formatting that is unpleasant.

5 out of 5

Among the best of the science magazines


I find each article clearly written and highly informative. Keeps me up to date on the latest scientific research.

5 out of 5

Super service and superb resource!


The content is, of course, at the high standards of the journal over the years. Peter P. D, PhD Physics and Forensic Science Teacher

5 out of 5

Scientific American - Excellent and Smart


Scientific American is a smart and interesting periodical in an era of dumbed down journalism and infotainment.


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