Top 6 Toddler Magazine Subscriptions

Top 6 Toddler Magazine Subscriptions

Updated 11-24-2021

Are you looking for good reading material to share with your toddler? Would they enjoy the added joy of something in the mailbox delivered primarily for them? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best magazines for toddlers - all designed with young children in mind. Each title below will help foster early reading skills, encourage language, cognitive, and motor development, and help you spend meaningful quality time with your toddler. Read further to choose which children's magazine is best for you and your tot!

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Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five Magazine

Highlights High Five Magazine is perfect for children ages 2 to 6. Early childhood experts from Highlights develop each issue, encouraging early development and ensuring tons of fun! Parents will love reading along with the fun stories, poems, and wordplay.

Enjoy simple household crafts, simple learning games and puzzles, and much more! Toddlers will love finding their new issues in the mailbox every month! Inspiring kindness, promoting empathy, building confidence, this is a title you can't miss - subscribe to this exciting, fun-filled magazine today! Don't miss our special holiday pricing!

National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

Enrich your girl's and boy's life with National Geographic Little Kids Magazine! Created for younger kids ages 3 to 6, this science and wildlife magazine is perfect for starting your little one's learning adventure. Each issue features new animals with large text, lively photographs, and no ads.

Read along with your toddler and enjoy first-rate teaching tools from celebrated educators. Engaging stories, crafts, science experiments, recipes, and learning games are sure to bring your child joy. Subscribe now to what is sure to be their new favorite magazine! For the next step up, try National Geographic Kids for ages 6+!

Ranger Rick Cub

Ranger Rick Cub Magazine

Ranger Rick Cub Magazine is perfect for the little animal lovers ages 0 to 4. Issues are made just for little hands, printed on sturdy paper, and bound staple-free. Thrill your toddler with read-along stories about the adorable young animals featured on the covers. Introduce your little one to nature and animals with colorful photographs and fun facts.

Ranger Rick Cub helps parents teach their children using fun, easy games and activities. Purchase a subscription and start a new nightly routine with your toddler! The Ranger Rick series continues as your child grows, with Ranger Rick Jr. for ages 4-7 and Ranger Rick for ages 7-12!


Ladybug Magazine

As the next step up from Babybug, Ladybug Magazine pulls out all the stops! Perfect for kids ages 3-6, this magazine from Cricket Media also features world-class children's writers and illustrators. Light up your toddler's imagination with recurring characters like Max, Kate, and Mop!

With enchanting stories, charming characters, and beautiful illustrations, this is one of the best kids' magazines! Along with read-along stories, poems, and songs, you will love the fun activity section to build motor and memory skills. Enjoy spending time with your little one with a new subscription!


Zootles Magazine

Dive into the world of animals with Zootles Magazine! Designed especially for 3-6 year-olds and brought to you by The National Wildlife Federation, each issue features a new wild animal, letter, number, and phoneme sound. Start their learning early with mind-building concepts that boost imagination and help them learn more about the world.

Watch their faces light up with the special pull-out fun pages, games, cartoons, puzzles, and more! Complete with appealing photographs and illustrations, this magazine provides excellent bonding and storytime. Purchase a subscription today to start your young reader on their learning quest! As one of a series, Zootles paves the way for further reading with Zoodinos and Zoobooks - each for a different age group; the series has you covered up to 12 years old!

Highlights Hello

Highlights Hello Magazine

Spend quality time with your toddler enjoying Highlights Hello Magazine! Made for little ones aged 0-2, each issue is baby-proof, featuring water- and tear-resistant pages with rounded corners that fit perfectly into little hands. They are even staple free! Encourage your child's learning with read-aloud stories and poems, finding games, and colorful images.

Enjoy your toddler's giggles as they find plenty of pictures of happy toddlers just like them! As one of the best toddler magazines, a new subscription is sure to help you have fun and bond with your little one! The Highlights series has a magazine for all kids' age groups - all the way up to 12! Find Highlights High Five for preschoolers aged 2-6 and Highlights for children aged 6-12.


Chirp Magazine

Made for growing minds ages 3-6, Chirp Magazine is a great title to encourage spending one-on-one time with your toddler. Created with help from a parent advisory board and curriculum experts, this children's magazine fosters a love of learning from a young age.

Each issue features stories of Chirp, the curious yellow chick, following him along with his adventures of playing and exploring. Toddlers will love the colorful pages, silly jokes, age-appropriate crafts, and time reading with you! Subscribe today!


Babybug Magazine

Share your love of reading by snuggling up with your toddler and enjoying Babybug Magazine for children 6 months to 3 years old! Featuring content from the world's best children's writers and artists, this great magazine is designed to make children fall in love with books and reading. Enchant your toddler with fun short stories, traditional rhymes, Mother Goose specials, and games!

Page through each issue and discover gorgeous, high-quality artwork that will delight your toddler (and you!), including styles like collages, watercolors, pastels, and more! The issues are sturdy and ad-free, made of cardstock with rounded corners and nontoxic ink - making this one of the best toddler magazines! Enjoy more reading time with your little one with a subscription!


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