Best Magazines for Military Veterans

Best Magazines for Military Veterans

Updated 03-09-2022

Now more than ever, we should appreciate our active and retired military service members. From the possibility of giving their lives to sacrificing their well-being to protecting our way of civilian life, our armed forces pave the way for future generations of Americans. Whether you're looking for yourself or giving a gift, what better way to show your appreciation than a gift that keeps on giving? At MagazineLine, we carry a variety of magazine subscriptions perfect for veterans. Read further to find the best magazines for veterans.

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U.S. Veterans Magazine

U.S. Veterans Magazine

Get the latest news and assistance for service-disabled veterans, veteran small business owners, and transitioning service members with U.S. Veterans Magazine! Covering most industries from the Federal Government to Corporate America, this magazine devotes itself to helping American veterans find work, take advantage of business opportunities, and make sound financial decisions.

Each issue features inspirational and educational articles on the news, people, and issues that impact U.S. Veterans. Purchase a subscription today - and send your fellow service members a gift too!

Military Spouse

Military Spouse Magazine

Military Spouse Magazine covers all aspects of life in the armed forces for spouses and military families, reaching 70% of military spouses, connecting families, and providing tips and assistance from experts and other spouses.

Each issue features inspiring stories from military spouses worldwide, advice on parenting and pets, information on finances and education, and much more. Being a part of the military family is crazy and wonderful at the same time - enjoy it and try a subscription - you'll love it!

Psychology Today

Psychology Today Magazine

Psychology Today Magazine is an excellent addition to your reading list, whether you're new or well-versed in psychology. Aiming to bring psychology to the masses, each issue of this magazine explores the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of daily life.

Discover healthcare tips dealing with addiction, stress, depression, PTSD, articles on Veterans Affairs, and directories with medical facilities, psychiatrists, and therapists near you. A healthy mind does wonders for a healthy body, from adjusting to your new life to overcoming challenges - subscribe today and apply the desired results to your life!

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Magazine

As the leading publication for American foreign policy discussions, Foreign Affairs Magazine aims to help readers understand America's role in the world. This magazine covers global politics, economics, reshaping of nations, and policy ideas from lawmakers across the political spectrum and around the world.

Discover insight on cyber security, defense, history, and more from respected political contributors and the nonprofit organization Council on Foreign Relations. Subscribe to Foreign Affairs for vast differences in opinion and beliefs.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

For financial advice for everything in your life, try Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine! From advice on investments and homeownership to taxes and insurance to retirement planning and health care, Kiplinger's has helped people manage and grow their money for generations.

Discover advice on big purchases like cars and electronics, tips on travel, and other personal finance topics. Stay on top of your money and make intelligent financial decisions with help from a new subscription!

Another Popular Choice
G.I. Jobs

G.I. Jobs Magazine is an excellent choice for enlisted personnel looking for advice and information on transitioning to the civilian world. This magazine is full of tips on starting your entrepreneurship, building a resume, choosing the right college, and finding the best company to work for as a veteran. They aim to help you land on your feet. To view each issue of GI Jobs for free, subscribe now!

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