National Geographic Little Kids Magazine Customer Reviews

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine Customer Reviews

Updated 08-29-2022

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine is a wonderful children's nature and animal magazine designed for children ages 3-6. Each issue of this magazine highlights exciting new animals through full color, vivid photography, and engaging storytelling.

Keep reading and discover why our customers give this great magazine a 4.2-star rating!

National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

Content meant to engage young minds.
National Geographic Little Kids Magazine is a great magazine introducing preschoolers to reading. This print magazine is designed especially for kids ages 3-6, featuring vivid nature photographs, significant words, an easy-to-follow format, and small issues for small hands! Each issue brings excitement, joy, and new knowledge - purchase a subscription today!

"National Geographic for Little Kids is Age Appropriate"
"Our granddaughter has enjoyed her subscription to National Geographic for Little Kids. She is now 2 years old. We appreciate that there is a publication from a reliable source, aimed at young children." - by Anonymous.

"My grandson loved this magazine!"
"The graphics and photographs are so beautiful and engaging. My 2 1/2 year old grandson could not stop reading it." - by Lynn.

"Great magazine for toddlers!"
"National Geographic Little Kids is an amazing magazine for toddlers. My 3 year old LOVES the pictures and stories. It'sIt's like he receives a new book in the mail that he reads repeatedly. We love it!" - by Steph.

"Happy with this magazine subscription"
"My child really enjoys getting his subscription to national geographic little kids. He finds it very interesting and loves to look at the pictures." - by Anonymous.

Excellent for stimulating conversation and starting their reading journey.
Created by noted educators at the National Geographic Society, this magazine is an excellent resource to use as a teaching tool. Each issue features fun activities like science experiments, beginner quizzes, matching games, counting exercises, and more! A National Geographic Little Kids Magazine subscription encourages an early love of reading and is perfect for introducing other children's books!

"Easy for kids to enjoy."
"I use these in my classroom library in Kindergarten. Kids always pick up the latest issue and many can read it. The photos are detailed and interesting for those who are not yet reading. National Geographic for Little Kids is a great tool to encourage recreational reading." - by Ktchr123.

"The children are really enjoying their new magazine. The pictures are a great way to stimulate conversation with them and to enhance their vocabulary." - by Anonymous.

"Great for Beginning Readers!"
"Allows beginning readers to have a magazine about animals that they can read and understand. The photos are marvelous and very appealing to young people and old alike." - by G L.

"Nat Geo is all about the kids!"
"For 2 years I've been ordering my niece National Geographic little kids and she goes monkey every time she gets one in the mail. Last year I ordered my other niece (who is now old enough to read) the magazine, and she loves them as well. Both my nieces have special bags they put their mags in, they show them off to friends, but most importantly they are learning so much! They love all the animals and I am the super cool aunt that buys them. Totally worth it! This will be a gift I give every child in my family..." - by Yanni.

Exposure to animals, nature, and our world.
Does your little one have a favorite animal? Watch their eyes light up and wonder light their face with introductions to new animals in every issue! Help your youngster develop a love of nature and the world around us through engaging stories, colorful pictures, fun facts about animals, and cultural topics like current events in other countries. Subscribe today!

"Learning about Nature"
"My grandchild finds National Geographic magazine both educational and entertaining. Perfect choice for introducing young children to the natural world." - by Anonymous.

"Previews nature for future adventurers. Helps promote what is necessary for the future of our planet." - by Anonymous.

"Great magazine for little kids; they love getting mail and love the animal pictures." - by Aunt W.

National Geographic Little Kids helps parents connect with children!
Many of the fun activities in National Geographic Little Kids Magazine are meant for little ones to enjoy with their caregivers! Discover read-aloud stories, fun rhymes, hands-on crafts, and discussion topics! Purchase an annual subscription and enjoy every issue with your preschooler!

"Love the magazine!"
"I am a grandma who lives across the country from my family. This magazine gives my grandson something to look forward to in the mail (with his name on it) and makes for wonderful conversations when it arrives." - by Anonymous.

"Little Kids" for little kids"
"My grandson is enjoying National Geographic Little Kids immensely. The illustrations and photos are kid friendly. The magazine provides some quality mom/grandma time with him." - by Barbara.

"Little Ones Fascinated"
"Our little grandson is thrilled when his magazine comes! His mom reads him all the stories and he is fascinated by the pictures and carries it around spewing his knowledge gained!" - by Judy.

National Geographic is for everyone!
Start their educational nature journey with a National Geographic Little Kids Magazine subscription (for ages 3-6) and continue their adventure with the next step: a National Geographic Kids Magazine subscription (for ages six and up)!

Teens and adults will also enjoy National Geographic Magazine - purchase a 1-year subscription today.

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