50 Best Magazines of 2023

50 Best Magazines of 2023

Updated 03-18-2024

Are you curious about the current lineup of popular magazines in the United States? There have been some changes since 2022. When measuring a magazine's success, we consider a few factors: circulation, readership, and broad audience reach.

  • Circulation: the number of copies of each issue distributed to the public, including single-copy sales, paid subscriptions, and verified subscriptions.
  • Readership: the average number of people who read each copy of the magazine.
  • Reach: the number of people the brand reaches across platforms, including social media, print, and digital audiences.

For this list, we based the ranking on which magazines had the highest circulation in 2023. We gathered an official report from the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), which audits circulation and rate base numbers for magazines.

AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine

1. 1. The magazine with the highest circulation in 2023 was AARP The Magazine, featuring an impressive circulation of more than 22,380,000 and a reach of over 38,700,000 people! America's most-read magazine is free to AARP Members. It explores critical life stages after 50, featuring different editions for readers in their 50s, 60s, or 70+. Get the latest news relevant to you with a free bi-monthly subscription!

AARP Bulletin

AARP Bulletin Magazine

2. AARP Bulletin had a circulation of 22,000,000 and a reached more than 32,600,000 people. This magazine features topics most important to Americans ages 50+, with ten issues per year. Get the publication for free by becoming an AARP Member !

Costco Connection

Costco Connection Magazine

3. Costco Connection featured a circulation of over 15,600,000 and reached over 35,500,000 people. Delivered to Costco Executive members, this monthly magazine features interviews with prominent figures, delicious recipes, healthy living sections, travel features, and more! Become a Costco Executive member today!

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

4. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine had a circulation of over 3,100,000 and a readership of 25,000,000. They reach 43 million people across print, digital, and social platforms. This women's lifestyle magazine covers home improvement, cooking, DIY projects, and lifestyle tips. Better Homes & Gardens features seasonal holiday planning and entertaining advice each year. Subscribe to the print version today! For the digital edition, subscribe here.

Southern Living

Southern Living Magazine

5. Southern Living Magazine featured a circulation of over 2,800,000 subscribers, a readership of over 12,300,000, and a total reach of nearly 24 million people across platforms. Spotlighting the best of the Southern lifestyle, this magazine inspires readers with fantastic homes, gardens, and recipes. Purchase a print subscription today! For Southern Living digital edition, subscribe here.

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest

6. Reader's Digest had a circulation of over 2,700,000 and a readership of over 14,200,000 people. Their total reach across platforms was 28 million people. Reader's Digest inspires, touches, and entertains readers with every issue. Discover heartwarming stories, funny jokes, and many tips for every life! Subscribe to Reader's Digest today! We also offer digital and Large Print editions.

People Magazine

People Magazine

7. People Magazine featured a circulation of over 2,500,000 and a readership of over 25,600,000. Across all platforms, they had an incredible reach of 124 million people! People Magazine spotlights your favorite celebrities with gossip columns, interviews, and Hollywood's current events Get your pop culture fix with a print subscription! If you prefer the digital edition, subscribe here!

Good Housekeeping - Digital

Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine

8. Good Housekeeping - Digital Magazine Magazine had a circulation of over 2,000,000 and a reach of 12,800,000. They reached a total of 47 million people across all platforms. Since 1885, this women's magazine has pleased readers with regular articles on DIY, home improvement, cooking, life management, and more! Subscribe to Good Housekeeping today!

Real Simple

Real Simple Magazine

9. Real Simple Magazine featured a circulation of over 1,980,000 and a readership of nearly 6,200,000. They reached 14.6 million people across all platforms. Lead a calm, simple lifestyle with the help of this practical magazine. Each issue features seasonal recipes, decorating tips, health advice, and more. Subscribe to Real Simple today! We also feature Real Simple digital edition.

Us Weekly

Us Weekly Magazine

10. Us Weekly Magazine had a circulation of over 1,970,000, with a readership of 8 million and a total reach of more than 40 million across platforms. As one of the leading voices of pop culture and entertainment, U.S. Weekly gives readers an exclusive look into the lives of their favorite celebrities. Subscribe to this weekly magazine today.

Texas Co-op Power

Texas Co-op Power Magazine

11. Texas Co-Op Power had a circulation of over 1,800,000. With a print readership of 4.1 million people, Texas Co-op Power is the hub for Texas electric cooperatives. Subscribe to this entertaining magazine today!

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

12. National Geographic Magazine featured a circulation of over 1,700,000 and a readership of 9,500,000. National Geographic is the ultimate resource about the world and its inhabitants. Each issue dives into various regions with beautiful photographs and well-researched articles. Subscribe to Nat Geo today! We also feature National Geographic Kids (for ages 6-12) and Little Kids (for ages 3-6).

Golf Digest

Golf Digest

13. Golf Digest had a circulation of over 1,650,000 and a readership of 3,600,000. They reached more than 18.7 million people across platforms. As the leading golf magazine for golfers of all levels, Golf Digest provides instructional features, equipment reviews, golf course ratings, and news about upcoming tours. Subscribe to Golf Digest today!

American Rifleman

American Rifleman Magazine

14. American Rifleman featured a circulation of over 1,500,000 and a readership of over 3,000,000. Produced by the NRA, this magazine keeps readers up-to-date with expert coverage of rifles, shotguns, handguns, politics involving the Second Amendment, and more. Subscribe to American Rifleman today!

Taste of Home

Taste of Home Magazine

15. Taste of Home Magazine had a circulation of over 1,500,000 and a readership of over 9,000,000. It reached an impressive 46.7 million people across platforms. Transforming home cooks into chefs, each issue of this cooking magazine features tried-and-true recipes from Test Kitchen experts, making your dishes into beautiful memories. Purchase a subscription to Taste of Home print magazine today! For the digital edition, subscribe here.

The American Legion Magazine

The American Legion Magazine

16. The American Legion Magazine featured a circulation of 1,490,000 and a readership of 1,600,000 million. This monthly magazine focuses on current events in Washington, D.C., health news, and veterans' affairs. Subscribe to American Legion Magazine today!

WebMD Magazine

WebMD Magazine

17. WebMD Magazine had a circulation of more than 1,400,000. To improve health in every home, this health and wellness magazine shares expert insight and information with all readers - healthcare professionals and laypeople alike! Be at your best with help from a subscription!


Smithsonian Magazine

18. Smithsonian Magazine had a circulation of more than 1,360,000 and a readership of more than 4,200,000. They reached over 11 million people across platforms. Published by one of the world's most famous museums, The Smithsonian Magazine features science and nature news you can trust. Discover features on the environment, physical sciences, anthropology, pop culture, history, and much more! Stay abreast of the latest science news with a new subscription!


AllRecipes Magazine

19. AllRecipes Magazine had a circulation of over 1,360,000 and a readership of 10,300,000. They reached over 60 million people across platforms, showcasing the creativity of dishes worldwide. Discover trusted recipes, expert tips, seasonal features, and photography to inspire your next meal! Students and educators can subscribe to the print or digital versions.

Food Network - Digital

Food Network - Digital Magazine

20. Food Network - Digital Magazine had a circulation of more than 1,320,000 and a readership of over 12,800,000. They reached an impressive total of 112 million people across platforms. Food Network is the ultimate resource for American food culture, featuring the famous cable network, a top-tier food website, and America's number-one food magazine. Subscribe today for the best of Food Network personalities, unique recipes, and valuable tips.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Magazine

21. Vanity Fair Magazine featured a circulation of over 1,276,000 and a readership of 8,100,000. They reached over 46 million people across print, social, and digital platforms and over 1.2 billion monthly video views. From New York to California, Wall Street to Hollywood, Vanity Fair Magazine reports on the news that matters. Each issue touches on politics, business, finance, current events, pop culture, and entertainment. With stunning photography and excellent journalism, every issue is a treat - subscribe TODAY!


Vogue Magazine

22. Vogue Magazine featured a circulation of over 1,274,000 and a readership of 10,500,000. It reached 107.3 million people across print, digital, social, and video platforms. If you're looking for high fashion, there's no magazine like Vogue. This fashion magazine has brought the latest and greatest style for over a century: accessories, clothes, art, and beyond! Purchase a subscription to Vogue today!

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

23. The New Yorker Magazine featured a circulation of over 1,258,000 and a readership of 6,100,000. They reached 70.3 million people across print, social, digital, and video platforms. Featuring unique crossword puzzles, ironic cartoons, and short fiction, this bi-weekly magazine covers the latest news in politics, current events, sports, fashion, and the arts. Purchase a subscription to New Yorker today!

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine

24. TIME Magazine featured a circulation of over 1,256,000 and a reach of more than 120 million people across platforms worldwide. Time Magazine has brought breaking news, exceptional reporting, and expert analysis to readers' homes for nearly a century. Each issue features today's top journalists and photographers, answering tricky questions and helping readers understand the latest news Purchase a TIME subscription today!


Golf Magazine

26. Golf Magazine featured a circulation of more than 1,244,000 and a readership of 3,600,000. They reach more than 9.2 million people across all platforms. Golf Magazine is your complete guide to the game of golf. Seasoned and casual golfers appreciate the full coverage and advice this sports magazine provides. Each issue features expert advice on improving your game, tournament updates, the best equipment reviews, and more! Become a better athlete with help from a Golf Magazine subscription!

Woman's Day

Woman's Day Magazine

27. Woman's Day Magazine featured a circulation of more than 1,186,000 subscribers and a total audience of 11.9 million people across platforms. This women's magazine inspires in food, health, style, weight loss, and more! Visit Woman's Day today.

Cosmopolitan - Digital

Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine

28. Cosmopolitan - Digital Magazine had a circulation of over 1,153,000 and a readership of over 10,600,000 people. They reached 49.1 million people across all platforms. As the ultimate magazine for modern women, Cosmo advises readers on relationships, fashion, beauty, health, and the working world - it is all-in-one! Subscribe to Cosmo Digital today!

HGTV - Digital

HGTV - Digital Magazine

29. HGTV - Digital Magazine had a circulation of over 1,152,000 and a print readership of 8,300,000. Fans of the HGTV network love HGTV Magazine! Discover home inspiration, DIY improvements, innovative projects, and versatile ideas to help you make the home of your dreams. Subscribe to HGTV Digital today!

Men's Health - Digital

Men's Health - Digital Magazine

30. Men's Health - Digital Magazine had a circulation of over 1,136,000 and a readership of over 9 million. They reached over 39 million people across platforms. As one of America's most popular men's magazines, Men's Health helps men lead their healthiest lives! Each issue features valuable tips and insights into men's fitness, diet, lifestyle, etc. Live your best life with the help of a Men's Health subscription!

Women's Health - Digital

Women's Health - Digital Magazine

31. Women's Health - Digital Magazine featured a circulation of more than 1,060,000 and a readership of 8,000,000. They reached 42 million people across platforms. Women's Health is a magazine with a broad focus to encompass everything in a woman's life. Each issue touches on health features, fitness tips, nutrition advice, fashion coverage, relationship insights, etc. Subscribe to Women's Health Digital!


Elle Magazine

32. Elle Magazine had a circulation of over 1,025,000 and a readership of more than 4,400,000. They reached over 19.9 million people across platforms. Elle Magazine is your choice if you're looking for international fashion coverage! Created for sophisticated women, this magazine features global trends in fashion, personalities, and lifestyle! Subscribe to Elle Magazine today! For the digital version, get Elle Digital here.

Magnolia Journal

Magnolia Journal

33. Magnolia Journal had a circulation of more than 1,014,000 and a readership of 5,500,000. From the beloved Chip and Joanna Gaines comes Magnolia Journal! This lifestyle magazine inspires, encourages, and informs readers on powerful home updates, gardening, outdoor tips, and holiday and event planning with four issues per year. Viist Magnolia today.

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure Magazine

34. Travel + Leisure Magazine had a circulation of over 1,009,400 and a readership of 9,900,000. They reached more than 36.9 million people across all platforms. Perfect for traveling near and far, Travel + Leisure features insider access and expert advice on making your vacation the most rewarding experience: lodging, dining, shopping, nightlife, and more. Get a head start on your ultimate adventure with a Travel + Leisure print subscription! Subscribe to Travel + Leisure Digital here.

TV Guide

TV Guide Magazine

35. TV Guide Magazine had a circulation of more than 1,009,000 and a readership of 6,000,000. Never miss your favorite shows again with TV Guide Magazine! This bi-weekly magazine includes national T.V. listings, show highlights, star interviews, and more! Get behind-the-scenes access with a new subscription!


Countdown Magazine

36. Countdown Magazine had a circulation of 1,000,000 people. Offered exclusively at OB/GYN offices, Countdown Magazine helps expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy, from planning their baby registry to preparing for labor. Discover valuable advice on emotions, tips on pain management, information on c-sections, and pregnancy myths.

Parents-The First Year

Parents-The First Year Magazine

37. Parents- The First Year Magazine had a circulation of 1,000,000 and a readership of 6,600,000. They reached more than 26.1 million people across all platforms. Reaching over 90% of the U.S. birth market, Parents-The First Year Magazine is available exclusively at maternity wards for new mothers. Each issue features valuable information on the baby's developments, accomplishments, and discoveries.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit Magazine

38. Bon Appetit Magazine had a circulation of over 969,000 and a readership of 5,700,000. They reached over 99 million people across platforms. Enjoy perfect recipes for dining and entertaining with Bon Appetit! Each issue of this food magazine features delicious recipes, expert restaurant reviews, entertaining tips, and unique travel and wine features! Subscribe to this deliciously fun magazine today!


Essence Magazine

39. Essence Magazine had a circulation of more than 963,000, reaching 31 million people across platforms. As the premier lifestyle and fashion magazine for African-American women, Essence offers an intimate, vibrant community for Black women nationwide. Each issue uplifts, empowers, and encourages women to live fully and passionately. Subscribe to this monthly magazine today!


GQ Magazine

40. GQ Magazine had a circulation of over 952,000 and a readership of 5.1 million. They reached more than 111.8 million people across platforms. As the definitive voice for the sophisticated American man, G.Q. Magazine (originally "Gentlemen's Quarterly") provides subscribers with the content that matters most to them! Each issue features the latest in men's fashion, sports updates, hot travel spots, personal advice, and more - subscribe to G.Q. today!

Food & Wine

Food & Wine Magazine

41. Food & Wine Magazine had a circulation of over 936,000 and a readership of 9.6 million. They reached more than 33.7 million people across platforms. If you pride yourself on being a food and wine connoisseur, this magazine is for you! Each issue features delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, reports on the best vintage wine worldwide, chef secrets, and more. Subscribe to Food & Wine print or the digital edition today.

The Atlantic The Atlantic

The Atlantic
The Atlantic Magazine

42. The Atlantic Magazine had a circulation of more than 925,872 people. They had a readership of 4 million people and a reach of more than 40 million across platforms. The Atlantic Magazine has enriched intellectual lives for more than 160 years as the ultimate magazine for curious minds. Each issue features essays and literature from today's best writers. Subscribe to The Atlantic today.


Outside Magazine

43.Outside Magazine had a circulation of over 889,000 people and a readership of 3 million people. Outside Magazine helps readers explore the great outdoors through content that captures the essence of the places, adventures, and trends that make outdoor living so captivating. From engaging in participatory sports to uncovering the best hiking and mountain biking destinations, Outside strives to be your go-to resource for all things outdoor - subscribe today!


First Magazine

44. First Magazine had a circulation of over 887,000 and a total audience of 2,900,000. First for Women Magazine is the beloved women's interest magazine that touches on everything in a modern woman's life. Each issue highlights positivity with uplifting articles and priceless advice on relationships, home, health, beauty, and more. Subscribe to First Magazine today!

Family Handyman

Family Handyman Magazine

45. Family Handyman Magazine had a circulation of more than 884,000 and a readership of 5,200,000. They reached over 18 million people across platforms. DIY-ers rejoice! The Family Handyman is your ultimate resource for DIY projects. This handy magazine is your new best friend with easy-to-follow instructions, advice from industry pros, and money-saving tips. Purchase a subscription to the Family Handyman print or digital version today!

VFW The Magazine

VFW The Magazine

46. VFW Magazinehad a circulation of more than 871,000 people. VFW Magazine is the official publication of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. All VFW members receive this magazine at no cost as part of their membership. For non-members, subscribe here!

Midwest Living

Midwest Living Magazine

47. Midwest Living Magazine had a circulation of over 864,000 and a readership of 2,300,000. As the leading magazine of the American Midwest, Midwest Living features witty, award-winning content on the beautiful things about the region. Each issue features Midwestern cooking, homes, traditions, lifestyles, and more: subscribe to Midwest Living today! If you'd prefer the digital edition of Midwest Living, subscribe here.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

48.Architectural Digest had a circulation of over 838,000 and a readership of 3 million people. They reached more than 85.4 million people across platforms. Architectural Digest introduces readers to a world of design excellence. In "The International Design Authority," creativity knows no bounds. Discover decorating ideas, the latest trends, innovative homes, and more. Delve into this treasure trove with a Architectural Digest subscription!

Woman's World

Woman's World Magazine

49. Woman's World Magazine had a circulation of more than 831,000 people. They reached over 4,200,000 people across platforms. As the number-one woman's weekly magazine, Woman's World gives readers the inspiration, tools, and advice to make the most of their lives. Each issue offers tips on fashion, décor, recipes, beauty, and more! Subscribe to Woman's World today.

American Hunter

50. American Hunter had a circulation of over 780,000. American Hunter is the NRA's official journal, offering a wealth of information for NRA members. This publication has everything from the latest news and reviews to helpful how-to guides and captivating videos. Get the free weekly newsletter today.

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