The Top 10 Liberal Magazines in America

The Top 10 Liberal Magazines in America

Updated 05-13-2024

Exploring the world of liberal magazines offers a gateway into thought-provoking commentary, insightful debates, and an understanding of the pressing issues of our time. Featuring a look into left-wing politics, progressive social issues, and a democratic viewpoint, these magazines shape the conversation for a more equitable society. Keep reading to find the best magazine for you!

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

Known for its exceptional writing, thought-provoking commentary, and liberal-leaning perspective, The New Yorker Magazine is America's trusted news source. Committed to truth and accuracy, it touches on various political and societal issues, from the latest domestic and global news to politics, foreign affairs, business and technology, and beyond.

Gain a nuanced understanding of current events from a liberal point of view with The New Yorker! Subscribe today!

The Nation Print + Digital

The Nation Print + Digital Magazine

As America's oldest weekly magazine, The Nation Print + Digital Magazine is known for its long-standing commitment to advocating for social justice, equality, and civil rights. Discover the latest news from the American political arena, in-depth analyses of current events, and commentary that dares to challenge the status quo, critique corporate power, and highlight marginalized voices.

If activism, liberal ideals, and a more just society interest you, The Nation is for you—subscribe today!

American Prospect

American Prospect Magazine

Aiming for a renewal of America's democratic traditions, American Prospect Magazine offers in-depth analyses and commentary on progressive policies, issues, and philosophy. Each issue advocates for social justice, economic equality, and political reform, challenging the status quo and pushing for a fair society.

From exploring the impact of climate change to advocating for universal healthcare to discussing international relations and societal challenges, The American Prospect encourages readers to open their minds and advocate for fellow citizens. Purchase an American Prospect subscription today!

Mother Jones

Mother Jones Magazine

Mother Jones Magazine is the best choice for those looking for a progressive social, political, and environmental perspective! Through detailed reporting and analysis, Mother Jones explores various topics, including national politics, foreign affairs, civil rights, healthcare reform, and more.

Each issue features hard-hitting stories from writers who challenge convention, expose abuses of power, and offer new solutions to stubborn problems. Subscribe to one of the leading independent news organizations today!

The Week Print+Digital

The Week Print+Digital Magazine

Expand your reading horizons with The Week Print+Digital Magazine! Inspired by the daily briefing created for the President, The Week's writers provide the most important news stories of the week. Discover insightful coverage and groundbreaking reporting on politics, health, global affairs, science, technology, business, and more.

With its unique format presenting multiple perspectives on each issue, The Week Magazine is an excellent resource for those craving a well-rounded understanding of the events shaping our world. Subscribe to The Week today!


Harper's Magazine

Harper's Magazine is a favorite of intellectual readers because of its insightful, thought-provoking essays and literary excellence. Focusing on long-form journalism, this magazine features some of our time's most respected writers and thinkers.

Each issue covers politics, culture, literature, science, and the arts through editorials, short stories, memoirs, and poetry. Expand your knowledge with a Harper's magazine subscription!

The New Republic

The New Republic Magazine

As America's most influential journal of opinion, The New Republic Magazine reclaims the democratic faith amid the industrial age. Since 1914, this magazine has provided analysis, commentary, and investigative reporting on various topics. Each issue delves into politics, foreign policy, current events, and cultural news.

Dig deep into matters that the mainstream media merely skims: subscribe to The New Republic today!

Newsweek - Premium

Newsweek - Premium Magazine

Get award-winning reporting from around the world with Newsweek - Premium Magazine! As one of the most trusted voices in American and global journalism, this magazine features renowned writers worldwide. Stay current with the latest news stories and comprehensive analyses on various topics, from business and technology to national politics and international affairs, the economy and health, and beyond.

Newsweek offers English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and Polish editions, ensuring a global reach. Subscribe to Newsweek today!


Commonweal Magazine

Ideal for progressive Catholics, Commonweal Magazine is a journal of opinion from lay Catholics. As a platform for Catholics to engage in conversations about challenges facing our society today, Commonweal fosters discussions that may be challenging elsewhere.

Delve into thoughtful debates on current events, literature, politics, the arts, and religion presented by prominent Catholic theologians, public figures, and writers. Explore the dynamic intersection of faith and politics in this progressive magazine!


Reason Magazine

Reason Magazine offers a libertarian perspective grounded in individual liberty, free markets, and limited government intervention. Each issue offers insightful articles, compelling analyses, and thought-provoking commentary on the most important news in these times.

With a focus on promoting a more open and tolerant society, this magazine challenges conventional wisdom and advocates for personal freedom. Get the latest libertarian news with Reason Magazine!

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