The Top 10 Liberal Magazines in the U.S.

The Top 10 Liberal Magazines in the U.S.

Updated 09-02-2021

Are you looking for the best liberal magazines? Fear not, for we have compiled a list of the top 10 liberal magazines in the United States! These magazines all lean towards the left of the political spectrum, promoting and believing in democratic values. You'll find magazines with writers from around the country and across a broad range of professions. With a dedication to honest reporting, challenges to conventional wisdom, and commentary to help make up your mind instead of following the herd, liberal magazines are more important than ever in an ever-changing world. Read our list of magazines for liberals to find yourself a new magazine!

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine

As a trusted news source for almost a century, The New Yorker Magazine is an eclectic magazine known for its first-rate writing and its unparalleled reporting, commentary, and criticism. With a circulation of over 1.2 million, its commitment to truth and accuracy gains readers' trust while the quality of its prose keeps them captivated.

Stay up-to-date on the latest domestic and international news on politics, foreign affairs, business, technology, popular culture, and the arts. Enjoy the cartoons, sharp wit, and humor and catch up on reviews of the latest books, music, movies, theater, and more! With a glowing reputation as a writer's and reader's haven, this magazine is perfect for liberals wanting to learn about various new subjects. Subscribe today!

The New York Times

The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times is the perfect liberal magazine for those who want on the ground, in-depth independent journalism. It has a print circulation of 831,000 and a digital circulation of 6 million. Believing that outstanding journalism has the potential to ignite a sense of fulfillment and responsibility in readers, this magazine aims to help create a healthier, more just society.

Their writers span a wide array of experts, with doctors covering health sections, economists covering the economy, lawyers covering law, and veterans covering wars. Dive deeper into the news with better context and analysis, searing reporting, and rich discussions. The New York Times appeals to a cultured, intellectual readership with a high moral tone and reporting without fear. Subscribe now for meaningful, trusted articles in every issue!

The Atlantic

The Atlantic Magazine

As one of America's great thought leader magazines for over a century, The Atlantic is a force of good in an ever-changing world. It features a circulation of over 531,000. With some of the smartest, bravest writers around, this magazine seeks debate on critical issues, facts over favors, and honest reporting over an engaging narrative.

Keep up with the most important news in our country and worldwide with features on current events, economics, politics, social trends, and more! Each issue includes reviews on travel, books, and food while also providing quality fiction, poetry, and humor. Stay entertained and informed with a new subscription to one of the best liberal magazines!

The Week Print+Digital

The Week Print+Digital Magazine

Expand your reading horizons with The Week Print+Digital Magazine! It has a circulation of over 462,000. Providing insightful, intellectual coverage prepared by careful research and groundbreaking reporting, this magazine is packed with need-to-know information and can't-miss commentary. Inspired by the daily briefing created for the President, The Week's writers provide in-depth analysis on a wide array of topics.

Discover the latest politics, health, technology, global affairs, science, business, and much more! Find your next read with book suggestions from distinguished intellectuals, celebrities, and experts. Each cover features an illustrated caricature highlighting the most significant topic of the week. Subscribers will love laughing, learning, and becoming inspired by a subscription to one of the best magazines for liberals today!

Mother Jones

Mother Jones Magazine

Mother Jones Magazine is one of the best liberal news magazines for conscientious readers looking to learn more about the world around them. With a circulation of 190,000 and as one of the leading independent news organizations, this magazine keeps readers informed about the most significant issues around them.

Discover fearless, reliable, and detailed coverage on topics from the environment, national politics, culture, individual liberties, foreign affairs, compelling court cases, and more! Get more in-depth, hard-hitting stories than the media as their writers challenge conventional wisdom, redefine stubborn problems, expose abuses of power, and offer new solutions to big problems. Subscribe now!

Newsweek - Premium

Newsweek - Premium Magazine

For more than 8 years, Newsweek - Premium Magazine has remained a trusted voice in the United States and global journalism. It sports a circulation of 100,000 in the United States. Featuring some of the top writers worldwide, this magazine features award-winning reporting and commentary.

Follow recent news stories with thorough, in-depth analyses of business, technology, politics, national and international issues, culture, the economy, health, and much more! With many editions published throughout the world, Newsweek publishes English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and Polish versions. Try a subscription to stay informed!


Harper's Magazine

Expand your knowledge and continue your education with Harper's Magazine. With a circulation of more than 84,000, Harper's offers quality content, in-depth reporting, and stimulating editorials. Discover reports and examinations of the people and events that shape our world; from fiction to nonfiction, intellectual readers will enjoy it all.

Read commentary on world events, politics, culture, economics, science, and the arts; lose yourself in fantastic fiction with short stories, memoirs, poetry, and more; and get to know the distinguished writers and new voices featured as regular contributors. Subscribe today!

The New Republic

The New Republic Magazine

The New Republic Magazine prides itself as America's most influential journal of opinion. With a circulation of over 40,000, this liberal magazine is a gathering place for public-minded intellectuals. They dedicate themselves to reclaiming the democratic faith amid the new industrial age.

Discover reporting, examination, and discussion on American politics, foreign policy, culture, current events, and other news. Dig deep into issues and further examine their effect on our nation. By covering matters before the mainstream media reports on them, democratic readers will stay ahead of the headlines with thought-provoking coverage. Subscribe to one of the best magazines for liberals today!


Commonweal Magazine

Perfect for liberal American Catholics,Commonweal Magazine is a journal of opinion published and edited by lay Catholics. This magazine is a forum where liberal Catholics can discuss the issues plaguing our society today with a circulation of 15,000. With an opinionated but tolerant tone, Commonweal inspires conversations that can be difficult to speak on elsewhere.

Read civil, reasoned debates on public affairs, literature, politics, the arts, and religion from leading Catholic theologians, public figures, and writers. Discover the interaction of faith and politics in this liberal magazine!

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