Top Political Magazines for Republicans in the USA

Top Political Magazines for Republicans in the USA

Updated 02-08-2024

Are you looking for the best conservative magazine? These magazines are consistently slight-, moderate-, or far-right leaning, each with a conservative perspective on politics, economics, culture, and more. Whether you identify as a staunch Republican or are simply interested in gaining a deeper understanding of conservatism, these magazines offer thought-provoking articles, researched analyses, and insightful commentaries on current events throughout America.

Conservative news magazines feature concise, factual reporting, diving deeper into issues the mainstream media won't and offering unique takes on political issues. Keep reading to find our picks for the best magazines with a Republican point of view.

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National Review

National Review Magazine

National Review Magazine is the ultimate source of news in conservative politics. As the leading voice for the American Right, this magazine offers a unique take on the most controversial and essential news in the Conservative movement.

From insider political knowledge on politics worldwide to commentary and analyses on politics, economics, law, and culture, National Review has something for every Western Republican. Purchase a subscription today!

The American Spectator

The American Spectator Magazine

Get a tasteful, conservative look at political issues with The American Spectator Magazine! Priding itself on publishing "without regard to sex, lifestyle, race, color, creed, physical handicap, or national origin," this magazine provides in-depth coverage and insightful analysis of national news.

Discover the latest developments in politics and concepts rooted in the cherished ideals of America - from the principles of economic freedom and self-reliance to the importance of individual liberty and a limited government. Subscribe to this political magazine today!

The National Interest

The National Interest Magazine

As one of the leading Republican voices in international affairs, The National Interest Magazine invites discussion on American foreign policy and speculates on the implications of using our power abroad. Discover discussions by preeminent authors from government, academia, and journalism.

With a remarkably consistent approach to foreign policy, National Interest promotes a return to realism - subscribe today!

National Affairs

National Affairs Magazine

National Affairs encourages Americans to think more deeply about public life in America. Each issue brings authors from various professional disciplines together, featuring stimulating essays on public policy, economics, politics, and more.

Delve into theoretical questions about self-government with a subscription to National Affairs!

The New American

The New American Magazine

Perfect for freedom-loving patriots, The New American highlights America's virtues and the Constitution's greatness. Get the real story behind news articles, honest reporting, and informative perspectives. Each issue reports on politics, foreign affairs, finance, tech, etc. Subscribe to The New American today.


Newsmax Magazine

Newsmax is a fearless, straightforward resource for modern-day conservatives, bringing the news that traditional media won't report. This magazine revolutionizes how we get information, offering a TV channel, app, website, and magazine.

Get the inside scope from the top new media personalities, interviews with conservative columnists, and honest debates on important issues. Subscribe today to get the bare-knuckled truth!

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor Magazine

If you're looking for a weekly magazine that challenges convention, looks at the bigger picture, and reports on national and international news, The Christian Science Monitor is for you! While it includes one religious article with each issue, this isn't a religious magazine. Each issue conveys news stories with empathy, clarity, and intelligence. Purchase a subscription on their home website.

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What are other good conservative media sources?

Other conservative websites like The Washington Examiner, Wall Street Journal Opinions, and Washington Times are good resources to consider.


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