The Best Conservative Magazines in the U.S.

The Best Conservative Magazines in the U.S.

Updated 07-17-2023

Interested in finding the best conservative magazine for you? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the best magazines for conservatives. These magazines are slight-, moderate-, or far-right leaning - meaning they believe in and promote conservative policies, beliefs, and values. Their editors have values such as remaining loyal to the Constitution, putting ideas over ideology, cherishing the civilizational foundations of faith and family and promoting values through diplomacy. Conservative news magazines are more important now than ever before: by providing concise, factual reporting; diving deeper into issues than the mainstream media; providing unique takes on political thought. Read our conservative magazines list to find the best publication for you!

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National Review

National Review Magazine

National Review Magazine is the ultimate source for conservative political news. This magazine is the leading voice for the American Right. Get a unique take on the most controversial and essential news with well-written articles and extensive reporting. Their experts provide insider political knowledge on American and international issues that you can't get anywhere else.

Follow commentary, analysis, and reporting on politics, economics, law, culture, and society. Republicans and Conservatives all across the political spectrum will enjoy a subscription to National Review - subscribe today!

The American Spectator

The American Spectator Magazine

Get a tasteful, conservative look at political issues with The American Spectator Magazine! This publication prides itself on publishing "without regard to sex, lifestyle, race, color, creed, physical handicap, or national origin." Discover in-depth coverage and insightful analysis of national news.

Learn about the new policies and ideas with traditional American values - from economic freedom and self-sufficiency to individual liberty and limited government. Written in a funny and witty way, The American Spectator is an outlet for conservative writers and thinkers. Get your subscription now!

The National Interest

The National Interest Magazine

The National Interest Magazine is one of the leading conservative voices for international affairs. Published by The Center for the National Interest, this magazine invites a fresh debate on the path of American foreign policy and speculates the implications of using American power abroad.

Read articles and discussions written by preeminent authors from the fields of government, academia, and journalism. With a remarkably consistent approach to foreign policy, National Interest promotes a return to realism. Subscribe now !

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor Magazine

Gain a public-service-oriented perspective with The Christian Science Monitor! Though each issue features one religious article, this is not a religious magazine. The Christian Science Monitor reports on American and international news and takes pride in being an independent voice in a world full of corporate pressures.

Discover the stories in a new way - reported with compassion, fair-mindedness, and intelligence. Each issue features long-form journalism, news from around the globe, book and film reviews, and rich photojournalism. Embrace the human family with a new subscription!

National Affairs

National Affairs Magazine

National Affairs is a quarterly journal of essays that seeks to help American citizens think deeper about public life in our country. Drawing upon authors from academia, policy experts, political practitioners, journalists, and more, National Affairs features lively essays on a wide variety of issues.

Read about public policy, politics, economics, health care, culture, education, legal debates, and much more. This magazine dives deep into theoretical questions, aiming to help readers make sense of complex issues and ideas. Rise to the challenge of self-government with a subscription!

The New American

The New American Magazine

Perfect for freedom-loving Patriots, The New American highlights America's goodness and the greatness of our Constitution. Probe deeper into news pieces to get the real story behind the tabloids. Discover articles that are fiscally sound, morally attuned, and constitutionally correct.

Read articles and editorial content that reports the news honestly and supports the restoration and retention of the original values that made America great. Any paleoconservative will love a subscription - buy today!

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Get world-renowned news coverage with The Wall Street Journal! By providing facts and information with a full separation of news and opinion, this publication boasts a direct, concise news reporting approach. Discover all the critical articles on politics, world news, U.S. news, economics, opinion, technology, and more.

You won't get this level of award-winning journalism anywhere else! As one of the most trusted news organizations in the United States, The WSJ is perfect for conservatives who want clear, easily accessible reports. Try a subscription today!


Newsmax Magazine

Newsmax is unafraid, uncomplicated, and very valuable to today's conservatives, bringing you the news that the traditional media won't report. Edited by one of the top 20 new media personalities in America, this magazine changes how Americans get their information.

Get the inside scoop on everything from border security and crime to Congress' actions and decisions. Exclusive interviews and articles feature conservative columnists such as Michael Reagan, Ben Stein, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Christopher Ruddy. Each issue also features physical health, lifestyle tips, well-being advice, and financial and shopping trends. Subscribe today to get the bare-knuckled truth!

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