Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Teens

Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Teens

Updated 12-01-2023

Searching for the perfect gift can be difficult, especially age-appropriate material for teenagers. Our list of the best teen magazines makes finding the right gift for teens and preteens much easier. We're sure you'll find something to interest your young reader, with a wide range of topics like Hollywood news, video games, sports, DIY projects, or fashion. Whether you prefer paying now with a credit card or receiving a bill in the mail, we've got you covered. Give the gift of reading today!

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Girls' Life Magazine

Girls' Life Magazine

Make your teen happy with a subscription to Girls' Life Magazine! Created for teen girls ages 10-15, this print magazine features:

  • Inspiration, entertainment, and advice for everything in a young girl's life.
  • Tips on dealing with stress, navigating high school, doing well in classes, and more!
  • Fun stuff like quizzes, fashion ideas, reader submissions, and more!

Girls' Life Magazine is an excellent source for guiding young women through their teen years while still allowing them to be young. Get them off social media and start reading with a new subscription!


Muse Magazine

Does your teen love learning, being challenged, and getting excited about new knowledge? Created for curious kids and teens up to age 14, Muse Magazine is the perfect choice for all genders. Sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute, this magazine provides opportunities to:

  • Read short stories from award-winning authors and high-quality photography.
  • Engage with various topics in science, history, and the arts.
  • Learn about genetics, outer space, video games, robots, mythology, beekeeping, and more.
  • Develop critical thinking skills, explore the world, and learn fun new things!

Purchase a subscription for your curious teen today!


Brainspace Magazine

What better way to learn than through an interactive magazine? Brainspace Magazine is a fun, educational title for kids and teens ages 8-14.

  • Experience dynamic digital editions to accompany the print version.
  • Dive into augmented reality with multisensory adventures, including documentary shorts, inspirational stories, & cutting-edge films.
  • Major subjects include math, language, science, history, geography, art, and more.

Subscribe here for the best fun learning in all formats!

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine

Does your teen have the travel bug? Do they want to tour the world and all its discoveries? Do they love learning about animals? If this descrives your teen, National Geographic Magazine is the perfect choice! In each issue, discover:

  • High-quality photos and maps for worldly adventures.
  • Features on wildlife, geography, and nature of each destination.
  • Exciting facts, current events, pop culture, science, technology, etc.

They'll feel like they're exploring the places themselves - subscribe here for your teen reader! For young readers six and up, subscribe to National Geographic Kids. For 3-6-year-olds, subscribe to National Geographic Little Kids.

Young Rider

Young Rider Magazine

Young Rider Magazine is the only horse magazine aimed at tweens and teens in full color. Riders from ages 8 to 15 will enjoy this title! Each issue of this magazine features:

  • Tips for taking care of your horse, riding training, and more!
  • Photos and stories from fellow readers.
  • Contests, posters, products, and more fun!

Young Rider Magazine will make the best present for your horse-crazy teen -purchase a gift today!

Scout Life

Scout Life Magazine

Scout Life Magazine is the perfect magazine delivering all things Scouts. Formerly known as Boys' Life, this magazine is great for all scouts ages 7 to 14 - from Cubs to Eagle Scouts! Each issue features everything a Scout loves:

  • Tips on experiencing the great outdoors.
  • Life advice like how to choose the right tools and "Be Prepared" for anything!
  • Fun stuff like jokes, comics, and more.

This magazine encourages boys to stay outdoors in the natural world while engaging their minds through learning. Take advantage of this discount subscription and give your Scout this great monthly present!

HGTV - Digital

HGTV - Digital Magazine

If your teen loves decorating, DIY projects, and the HGTV channel, HGTV - Digital Magazine is your ideal choice! Each issue of this home magazine includes:

  • Tips on making their space their happy place.
  • Expert advice on everything from picking out paint colors, rearranging furniture, and placing artwork in the right spot.
  • Exclusive interviews with top HGTV stars!

Help your teen learn to decorate and remodel like a pro with help from a new subscription!

Grab another subscription for younger readers!

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